Humans Throw Stones. SMART. Monkeys Throw Stones. STUPID.

Our evolution is showing.

The gap is fast closing between us and the chimps.

How I wish it was because they were getting smarter.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Of course animals plan ahead. Name a chicken who don’t want to work for KFC.

Some folks throw stones for free. Others, you’ve got to pay them.

In the beginning…

6 Responses to “Humans Throw Stones. SMART. Monkeys Throw Stones. STUPID.”

  1. Ah, yes, Greece. The home of democracy…


  2. A little history would show those hooligans that folks who live by tear gas and rocks eventually die via nice yard maintenance and property taxes.

    A horrific death, to be sure…

  3. haha, funny Barry…all that is certain after the next step Greece is attempting is Death and more taxes =/

  4. Greece is making the slope slippery for all of us and I’m afraid we’ll hop out of the frying pan right into a terrible financial fire.

  5. terrible was the wrong word to use.

    Different financial fire.

    One without finances. Just looking each other in the eye.

    A scary time, to be sure.

  6. Who have you earnestly looked in the eye lately?

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