Okay, I’m NOT Perfect


graphic of man with head resting in hands
I wish I didn’t have so much concrete in my head

If there is a warranty on me someone should apply for it.

There are times when I feel like I’m operating at less than 50% capacity and others when I think I can’t give even one more ounce of energy.

Perhaps after 53 years its time for some much needed maintenance and upgrading – maybe a spot of polish and a good lube job. 😉

Whatever work that may be required on this old carcass I can tell you right now that my maker ain’t gonna honor any warranty because as far as I can tell, everything is deteriorating about the right rate.

If it Ain’t Broke

Something stinks about thinking all folks should operate at or near perfect and it has more to do with the mistaken concept that there IS a thing called perfection to which naked apes should adhere.

People are like engines, really.

They come in all different types and sizes: gas, electric, steam and two cycle, four cycle or bicycle.  Now, the owner of an electric motor ain’t gonna attempt to fill it up with fuel and expect to be called sane nor would the operator of a gas engine hang around inside a closed shed with his motor or the next day he could wake up dead!

So if people have a good idea that there are different kinds of motors and wouldn’t consider ruining them with the wrong juice, why the hail do we do this with people?

I’ve done this so many times before it almost makes me ill to think of all the negative emotions I caused with my callous actions. Promoting people beyond their level of competence has destroyed more good managers and employees than I can shake a stick at. And then when the inevitable hammer drops and they falter on the job, I never stopped to ask myself what role I played in the debacle. Nope, by that time we’re into finger pointing and most of them lead away from the culprit who got the ball rolling – me.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

graphic showing man carrying candle which is burning at both ends
Whoa! Two fires is waay better!

There’s no doubt that we could consider folks damaged if we compare them to some warped ideal of human perfection but treating them as if they are spoiled goods can actually encourage them to act worthless or broken.

Up until a couple of years ago in the name of what I called equality I  managed all my employees like they were identical and boy, what a great way to quickly and quietly destroy the unique capacity of each individual to contribute! By disregarding the special talents and needs of each person I virtually demolished the capacity of those folks to deliver the unique skills they possessed. Before long their spirits were broke and their overall results diminished to average or less.

Today I consider folks to be perfectly imperfect and I honor them as the unique and quirky power-plants they are.  No longer am I trying to fill electric motors with gasoline. Nope, now I top them off with hope and encouragement.

As for myself, today I understand that although I might not be overloaded with power anymore, I’ve still got plenty of gas. 😉

If that ain’t perfect, what is?

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

8 Responses to “Okay, I’m NOT Perfect”

  1. Hi Barry, I have read your posts and I must say they gave me a good laugh, I love your humour!! I agree that we should always try to help people to expand and improve those things at which they seem to excel, as everyone is gifted in different ways, and to stiffle this is very bad for the soul of the individual. Keep up with the good work on your blog, it looks terrific. Regards Sue.


  2. Thanks Sue, I appreciate your input and agree with you that all of us could use a bit of help from time to time and most of us won’t ask for it. Which means it has to be forced upon us by old codgers like myself spring chickens like you.

    Have a grand day, missus.


  3. Hi Barry

    I love the blog, I think that you have a great style of writing which is very engaging. Let me know when you publish your first book.

    On a more serious note. If it Aint Broke – I think that you are very hard on yourself. Whilst I agree about the damage caused to all concerned when we over promote staff. There is also the damage caused to Managers (who have to adhere to strict targets), by staff who talk themselves into posts, that they are not equiped to fill.



    Barry Williams Reply:

    Thanks Theresa. Yes, I’ve talked myself into posts I couldn’t handle. In fact I just did this a couple of months ago and am feeling the pain at this very moment. Now I have to admit a mistake and hand the reigns to a very lucrative job over to someone else.

    Perhaps I’ll always push to find my limitations but really, I’d like to just sweep the zoo and talk to the animals. Maybe they’ll lock me in here. I should ask…

    I shore look forward to learning from you, missus.

    Thanks again.

    Barry out.


  4. Hi Barry,

    Hey, it appears to me that you’re doing a fine job. I like your header a lot. Keep up the great work!

    Best regards,

    George Nieves


  5. Hi Barry,

    Nobody is perfect. We all have faults. The sooner we realize this, the smoother things will go for us.
    I like your header a lot. Take care.

    Best regards,
    George Nieves


    Karen, an expungement attorney Reply:

    @George Nieves,

    I’m with you on this one. You are absolutely right. This happens to me long ago..


  6. Yep, I still feel the same way today.

    Too soon old, too late schmart.


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