I Can Judge No One. Including Meself.

Yes, red is a color.

Mars is a planet.

And Martians, if they live must live on Mars.

But red is just a color,

And Mars is just a planet,

And Martians, if they live, are just like us.

When we look for the hate, it’ll be there.

If it’s greed we’re seeking, it will raise it’s Martian head.

If we want to fight ’em we¬†could wind up dead.

Or maybe owners of another planet instead!

Like North America! Or Australia!

We might kick some Martian ass alright,

Only to find that they are just like us.

And us like them.

Two teams prayin’ to the same damn god.

Now, how’d you like them beans?

Damn Martians…


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.





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