I Don’t Much Like It But I Guess Things Happen That Way

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We Can’t Even Wish Ourselves Dead, Never Mind Anyone Else!

Get comfortable with being disappointed.

That is what my hero and fisticuff / whiskey philosopher Johnny Cash told me through a catchy tune written especially for moi.

Dude sang that contagious hymn over and over and flipping over again, until it was drilled too far in to my noggin to ignore.

“Barry,” he sorrowfully strummed, “things are seldom going to turn out the way they are planned so you better get over it while the get-tings good.”

Ba doo ba doo, ba doo ba doo, ba doo ba doo

Row, Row, Row YOUR Boat

My happiness quotient has exploded since I stopped getting all bent out of shape over crap that does not go exactly my way and for a fellow who would get physically ill if I was two minutes late for an appointment, that is quite a stretch from where I usually hang my anxiety hat.

Having said that, let me also acknowledge that accepting disappointment is not the same as enduring it.

Some birds of our feather will always disappoint and specially built castles of disappointment (called casinos, racetracks & sports stadiums among other names) will always house the Gods of Luck but most of us are wise to the ways of these nefarious traps and can easily out maneuver them.

The concept we are discussing here today applies to those life circumstances we might find extremely distasteful but ultimately can do nothing about.

Like mother-in-laws, for example…

As I analyze my new-found ability to laugh in the face of danger, I imagine it emerging from these basic perceptions:

  1. So, Something is in The Closet – it is 100% fruitless to be concerned about challenges which we have fully addressed and cannot change. Granted, it is difficult to ignore the growling you hear but like living with tinnitus, it is possible to alter our focus.
  2. Buddy, If I Were You – put yourself in the other person’s shoes and realize if you thought like them, you would do the same. Blaming anyone for representing their viewpoint is sheer craziness because the boat you rock is your own.
  3. Life At A Dull Roar – surprising as it sounds, we can grow accustomed to and actually survive from not getting our own way all the time. This isn’t giving up – it is giving in to the reality of the situation.

Every Toss A Winner!

graphic of yawning dude and swords with word bad sword throws to the rescue
The Odd Accidental Stabbing Keeps Things Exciting

    What fun would darts or knife throwing be if every launch hit the bull’s eye?

    Have some pity for the the generation of bored old folks who would be safely strapped to rotating spiral painted disks and for the throngs of unappreciative crowds which would undoubtedly stay away from Circus de Predictable.

    The sooner we can learn to take the bad with the good in our daily lives, the sooner we will begin to have more fun partying with our new friend – Mr. Disappointment.

    Keeping in mind, of course, that he is not well known for cleaning up and usually the last to leave.

    Thank you, friend.

    Barry out

    PS. My friend Johnny Cash will sing his insightful song for you, too if you have a minute and fifty seconds to listen.

2 Responses to “I Don’t Much Like It But I Guess Things Happen That Way”

  1. Ahhh yes our old friend Mr Disappointment- I love how you state his timeliness- he is always the last to leave! I think you show your true colors on your blog and they are glorious. They show the depth of character that only someone who has seen the good and the bad of what life dishes out and how that really creates fortitude of character. Keep writing, your posts are great.

    P.S.- I like the zeigarnik post, a very great marketing tactic!

  2. Hey Tyler,

    Your candor and comment is much appreciated and dagnabbit, I think I’ll take your advice and stick to it.

    Thanks mister, have a grand day.


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