I Might Be Misrepresenting Myself But Who Ain’t And How Come?

Many folks have imagined themselves as other people.

They contemplate how they would manage as captain

of the Titanic or what tools they might bring to the

debacle called Battle of the Bighorn then slowly

they slip back into the quiet realization that

the good fight they are mired in has waay

more riding on who they think they can

be and less about who they are now.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

By some standards James Brown was an angel. By others, a scoundrel.



2 Responses to “I Might Be Misrepresenting Myself But Who Ain’t And How Come?”

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    Barry Williams Reply:

    Friend, you are right about that! Inventing original value is harder than digging for gold but my, oh, my…when one hits a vein there better not be anyone else on the runway!


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