I Think A Wasp Says Thankyou

wasp stinger up close

I was hallucinating away the other day and this fucking wasp starts buzzing around me.

Mr. multiple stinger carrier wasped right into my outer ear, my eyes and my mouth.

I had to close them or I would have been legally wasp raped by the little beggar

but I went along with his trying to find some way into my skull.

No auditory hallucination occurred other than I imagined there was some

kind of gratitude for understanding the value of all life, no matter the

size of the life-holder but my wife, as she witnessed the incident

said, “Holy shit, those fucking wasps sure like you.”

They sure seem to.

I wonder why…

Thanks pal.


Wasps can be our friend. Can be.

I was nearly party to a murder then saved a wasp’s life a few days earlier and have a witness to that crime. I was able to talk my accomplice into letting the wasp go free and the beggar came back! (the wasp, I haven’t seen my friend since the caper)


I know these ain’t wasps. Still cool though…

Good hacking buddy.

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