I Want You To Write “Dude Is A Good Human” 100 Times On The Blackboard

Bart Simpson at the blackboardYes, while all the other kids are enjoying recess, you will be writing lines.

But the story you will be writing is about yourself. Its a connection to who you are.

And everything you can be.

This is where it starts. Skipping playtime and allowing a single directive to run its course.

And run, run, runaway the beggar will.

As soon as we all connect.

Right write Dude?

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


Marty Robbins – Cool Water

All day I’ve faced a barren waste without the taste of water cool water
Old Dan and I with throats burnt dry and souls that cry for water cool clear water
The nights are cool and I’m a fool each star’s a pool of water cool water
And with the dawn I’ll wake and yawn and carry on to water cool clear water

Keep a movin’ Dan don’t you listen to him Dan
He’s a devil not a man and he spreads the burning sand with water
Dan can you see that big green tree where the water’s running free
And it’s waiting there for you and me water cool clear water

The shadows sway and seem to say tonight we pray for water cool water
And way up there he’ll hear our prayer
And show us where there’s water cool clear water

Keep a movin’ Dan don’t you listen to him Dan…
Cool clear water

Lyrics courtesy: http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/Cool-Water-lyrics-Marty-Robbins/2DBB7EC6D2408FD648256D6F002FDE8E

3 Responses to “I Want You To Write “Dude Is A Good Human” 100 Times On The Blackboard”

  1. After writing a few lines on the blackboard as a grade two student (about not pushing kids off the merry-go-round) I started writing columns of words and found that quicker than the linear method.

    Thats where mister roboto came in and I went outside to play.

    Teacher could tell the difference though. She admonished me for cheating… Hah! Prove it, madam!


  2. One of the louts in my school had a ruler with holes drilled in it. Pens were glued in the holes so that he could write as many lines as possible to save time. He is now the Principle of a High School. Innovation wins in the end.
    Don recently posted..Daylight Savings Time


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Dagnabbit! That’s a great idea!

    Of course, the ruler would have been used as a permanent paddy whacker down the road and those paddles with holes in them really alters a person’s mind…

    Thanks Don.


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