I Was Sad To Learn My Spot On Our Totem Pole But Happy To Have A Log To Burn

I am not my wife’s husband nor my children’s father.

I refuse to admit being my mortgage’s signor and I’m not a canadian citizen.

You won’t catch me believing in myths and I spend nary a penny on greeting cards.

There’s no chance in hell I’ll ever be found in a line-up for a scary ride. I’m no dare-devil.

And I am not my mother’s son.

My neighbor knows bloody well we’re not friends and never will be.

I don’t care about favorite colors and I’ve gotten beyond folks not liking me.

I’m not the guy who stinks my clothes and don’t blame me for ruining any livers.

I’m really not much of anything but the place where this stuff overlaps.

That’s me.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

These fucking cool cops from New Zealand know that shit’s scary. Shows how outside ourselves we can get. And boy, can we get.



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