If God Is Counting Lives Saved


Today this youngish bird was dead.

It was dead motherfucker dead!

Ivan terribly clamped on his heady-head-head.

He was dead in The Jaws Of Ivan,

Dude was a goner.


But god was there and cut ‘im loose, to create more reality.

God distracted Ivan “I Want You Dead Alright?” and

God cut that little mother abitta slack.

God’s hand ripped Chirpy from Ivan’s teeth and tossed him out of Killer Ivan’s way.

And let Chirpy Chirp Chirp fly the coop.

It seemed okay for god that way,

to mix some shit up on that day.

Another day made god’s way.


And Killer Ivan? He forgot the attempt.

And almost death to him was gone in five minutes.

Ivan The sleepy murderer soon got droopy eyes.

So no more killing for Ivan The Terrible today.

That instinct had gone its way.

Killer Ivan had hit the hay.


Don’t know what five minutes is in cat or bird time

But Killer Ivan surely wasn’t keeping count.

And the outcome of Said Bird? Well, birds don’t stick around.

Upon release that mother flew the coop. So to speak.

With god’s help, Bye-Bye Birdy flew its coop.


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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