If I Didn’t “Own” My Humble Abode I Would Phone The Landlord To Complain

Most folks assume they will one day hold the title to their home.

They faithfully make those payments to the bank even though

they wind up forking over three times more than the amount

they paid for their very own decked out teepee and they do

so in the hope that one day those nasty payments to un

named and faceless entities will come to a fitting end

only to find that a different king has final dibs on

who flops in their house and if they are tardy

in topping up regular stacks for property

tax, water useage, skool, road, sewer,

storm drain and whatever else like

carbon tax The Man can think

to charge forever for, the place is THEIRS NO MO.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

2 Responses to “If I Didn’t “Own” My Humble Abode I Would Phone The Landlord To Complain”

  1. I’m glad you can see the wood for the trees too, the birds in the air dont need to build huge store houses to store food or water, they just trust that all their basic needs like food, shelter and water will always be there, I rent and have NO INTENTION of getting caught up in the buying a house madness…love your style of writing by the way


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Well thank you. I’ll leave the welcome mat out for you!


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