If I Project What You’re Projecting Whose Lambs And Who Is Ivy?

angry bracelets

Sometimes my wife makes me so angry.

Well, that’s how she causes me to feel anyway.

Surely if reality were somehow different I would have twigged onto the transference

trap she is constantly laying for me but no, my life partner is far too cagey

to be caught out this way. Instead, she plots and connives to sidetrack

and direct a good majority of my thoughts and I can tell through

some fancy extrapolation that her ultimate goal is to control

me bodily as well but I’ll be damned if I’ma gonna stand

by to allow that to happen. I rule this roost and if

people don’t like it they can abrevi-debate it

with the wrath of Barry (which will hope

fully negate having to come unglued

on their arses) but don’t, for the

love of Pete, raise your voice

or hackles in a threatening

manner or the shitestorm

you’ll unleash will make

my marriage mate’s antics

appear pansy-ass by comparison.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


This here is a man’s world. Case you don’t know…

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