If We Can’t “Tune” Into “It” For Us “It” Don’t Exist

Most folks understand how phone numbers work.

Anyone can have a number really close to ours

but if it ain’t their number then they’ll hear

nothing but we will. Exactly the way

all things work in reality, if we

are even a tiny bit too far around the corner we ain’t gonna see.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Hey, sumpin movin oer dere!


4 Responses to “If We Can’t “Tune” Into “It” For Us “It” Don’t Exist”

  1. My brother and I started an infrared business.

    While it is a very cool industry, I found myself to be a tad too Mark Twainish to succeed as well as he did in business.


  2. Course, in yer higher dimensions…


  3. In short..
    Do not push things that is not for you, instead look for something which is meant for you.
    Great post!
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    Barry Williams Reply:

    No. But great idea.


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