If We Couldn’t Dispose Of Dog Shit For One Hundred Thousand Years

1970 olds wagon

Most folks know about nuclear energy plants and how safe they are.

And for the most part, these energy production facilities are in decent shape, even though they are equivalent to driving a 1970 Oldsmobile station wagon in 2012.

What should be nagging on us though, is not the fact that

we’re driving an older, perhaps less efficient auto

but how to clean those stinky, nasty oil spots

off the driveway and better yet, what to

do with the hundreds of jars of used

motor oil hidden in our kitchen

cupboards because we’re

running out of room for both food and people.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

I think there’s gonna be some red faces over Fukushima. And red arms, back, legs…



3 Responses to “If We Couldn’t Dispose Of Dog Shit For One Hundred Thousand Years”

  1. 100,000 years to baby sit nuclear waste.

    Who wants the first volunteer shift?


  2. Plus you have to pay to be a volunteer.


  3. And we need it upfront.


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