If We’re Playing With A Full Deck Why Not Let Everyone See All The Cards?

Remiss would be too nice a word to describe moms and dads who disregard the safety of their offspring.

Keeping your trap shut when folks you care about face danger ain’t an option for caring guardians.

In fact, the lack of concern for charges is tantamount to causing wrongful death and

Every adroit employer, commander and manager of humans knows this to be

True. We may be certain that when the welfare of followers is ignored

There is another reason for their existence beyond survival

Which usually has more to do with production and

Profit than the health and well being of loyal

Party attendants. Simply being aware

Of the level of protection given

Or denied by caregivers

Is the key to knowing

If their concern is

Real or shameful.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Read on, my irradiated compadre.




When Nuclear Facilities blow their top, we should too. In March 2011, more than one Japanese nuclear reactor erupted.

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  1. Well I guess that Fukushima’d those Japanese.
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