If You Can’t Get Self Deprecation Right How Bout Just Praising Others Nonstop?

person with bag over head

Many folks would like to appreciate themselves more but are unable.

They find it difficult to accept the fact that everyone makes

mistakes and forget that they invest much more effort

focusing on a special person’s flubs and snubs than

they do on any other mistake maker’s blunders

and because they are aware that someone

has to provide a running commentary

they choose to build up everyone

around them rather than the

timeworn habit of tearing

themselves to shreds

which similarly accomplishes the goal of personal denigration.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Boot licking, ass kissing and ring around the posies. I am experienced, man.

First, through gritted teeth say: I AM REESPONSHALBLE. Then say it again. I am responsible. Then again I, I, I, I, am responsible. Then sing this hymn only to yourself. And don’t stop.

I love myself, I like myself, I love myself ,I like myself, I la-la-la-la love myself.

I love myself.

I love myself.

You want to too?

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