If You Try To Kill My Mudder

You fuck. You shit. You fucking jerk!

You could not live with her not hurt?

You have to flex your power.

Send zombies to devour

Our mom, you fuck…

You fucking goat!

I hope your pride blocks off your throat.

And you leap far but don’t clear the moat.

With gold filled pockets to the brim,

Make a splash but you can’t swim!

Well, soon your spark begins to dim.

Amused, I watch you flail and cry.

Through once bros lips I ask you why,

Why you have to be that guy…

You fucking weasel Bryan.

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  1. My bro tried to pull a fast one and have our mother moved to a senior’s home against her will. We caught the slimy bastard and his evil wife in the act and now they will burn in hell! Seeya fuckwads!
    Barry Williams recently posted..If You Try To Kill My Mudder

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