If You Won’t Listen To Me Then Maybe I Should

Don't Try This At HomeLookit Mr. Know-It-All spewing his nonsense. Blah, blah, blah.

Less than a few humans invest the time required to actually hear what other people are saying.

Hail, most folks have little idea what they themselves are actually saying so its little wonder those types have only the tiniest bit of practical understanding how life can unfold.

And yet anyone can get their awareness party started simply by interpreting their own comprehension through:

  1. engaged harkening
  2. tuning in to what we think
  3. sizing up what is said and not said.

Be warned however, these mindful actions are not for the faint of heart because what some folks are really saying is downright scary and very difficult to ignore once deciphered. (holy shite, I just got what he meant by that…Bastard!)

Which means we don’t take all this new knowledge to heart.

Send it straight to ye old analytical department. (YOAD)

So they can cut out the bovine scat.

And give us the real story.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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