I’m Not Trying To Prove I’m Real… I’m NOT!


Friends, this is me on September 22, 2012. (wine stains et al)

Course, I had to retouch the photo with a button in Picasa 3

on account of adding a few daze growth of beard and not

knowing how to operate fucking Picasa 3. I also want

to point out that I took 12 shots to get one of me

that resembled me as I really am or at least

close to who I think I am. (plus the uh,

aforementioned retouching from Picasa 3)

Stand easy friends.



Does anybody know how to whiten eyes in Picasa 3 because there’s something wrong with redeye in my camera.

2 Responses to “I’m Not Trying To Prove I’m Real… I’m NOT!”

  1. Christ – you can even see red wine stains on my mouth!

    What a fucking guy!


  2. And on my chin! Jesus christ, I shoulda cleaned up a bit.

    Next time.

    Sorry bout the smail, too.


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