In 18 Months Gas Prices Went Up 60% And We Canadians Just Stood There, Pumping.

canadian gas prices 2011- 2012

Its January 2012 and truckers in Italy are pissed.

Well, they’re not the only ones, it seems that everybody in that country wants to crash the strike party on account of the government’s austerity plans.

Course, strikes are nothing new to the big bad boot but how tough must things be when even lowly lawyers are thinking of joining the thousands of PO’d truckers and taxi drivers whom

are prepared to do nothing rather than allow things to continue as they are.

Soon the domino-no-no big riggers and their learned friends may be joined

by pharmacists, gas station owners (nice) as well as sectors of Italy’s public

transport system. Yep, everyday life in the land of leaning Pisa just

got a bit more uncomfortable but its citizens shouldn’t be too

concerned about whether they will garner the support of

the world community because historical studies and

several currently underway clearly predict that

whatever the planet stepped in will soon be

stinking up the entire global wardrobe.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Canada’s Largest Gas Hikes (MSN money)

April-May 2009 8.4 cents a litre (1 Euro = 1.31 Canadian dollar Jan 2012)

April-May 2008  10.1 cents a litre

Feb-Mar 2007 10.2 cents a litre

Mar-Apr 2006 11.6 cents a litre

Aug-Sept 2005 11.2 cents a litre

Apr-May 2004 11.7 cents a litre

May-June 1983 11.5 cents a litre

Feb-March 1983 9 cents a litre

Hmm, I might see a pattern here… How bout you? Average&city2=&city3=&crude=n&tme=60&units=ca



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