Inconvenience as a Weapon

Impatience runs oh, so very deep through the heart of modern human genes.

And unfortunately, that incredibly presumptive evolutionary state influences each and every position we ponder.

Tomorrow’s bear or bullish stock market and all things folks consider valuable are ebbing and flowing at it’s wimbly whim.

Good lives are brutally and quietly extinguished through grand calamities mercilessly initiated in it’s name.

Important videos, slow to load, are never seen.

The most critical books, too difficult to find, infect no minds.

Somewhere, somehow, we must find the courage and wherewithal to underwhelm this bad beggar.

Our ability to regain satisfaction from mere existence hangs in the balance.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

I’ll let Crazy Horse tell you how the west was conveniently won by brute force and plenty of stupidity. Plenty. How convenient that nothing has changed.

conversations with crazy horse graphic



And take a quick look at how impatience works when you need to get a blaze happening NOW. I want these dudes on my fire department!


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