Invoking The Bicameral Mind For Fun And Profit

Say you are in a situation where you must act without question.

One where you must follow the institutional thinking you were taught by your culture.

Would you be:

1. In the military?

2. A federal inmate?

3. A fanatical sports fan?

4. A school teacher?

5. A made member of La Cosa Nostra?

6. In a religion?

7. Working for the weekend for some corporation?

8. A terrorist gang member?

9. A grown up kid who still listens to mommy and daddy?

10. A citizen?

All cults depend on adherents leaving their personal lives at home in order to interact with a malleable and less personally engaged human entity which can then be directed (mostly) without force.

These “not all there folks” respond to voices that originate outside their head until they can replicate the outside voice with an inside voice that over rides their personal character at decision intersections.

Thou shall have no gods before me – even yourself, the voices say.

And that’s how a mind can be fragmented for better or worse.

Mostly worse.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

The wind don’t control these fellers even if it controls their life support system for a bit. They operate a process outside a system that could otherwise be very threatening to them.

One Response to “Invoking The Bicameral Mind For Fun And Profit”

  1. At age 17 I was discharged from the Canadian Armed Forces when they were unable to bicameralize my mind.

    My inside voice would not shut the hell up and it kept telling me “this is wrong, this ain’t gonna work” all the damn time.

    Finally, after a couple of months, they let me out. Not without a bit of hassle though. Of course.


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