Is It Possible I Could Be Smarter Than You Dad? His Answer Aston / Admon-ished Me.

“Pfffffttt!” doesn’t accurately portray the actual sound of air involuntarily expunged from an exasperated soul but its close enough to convey an idea.

That was my father’s single word answer to one of the most critical questions I ever asked him.

“Is there a chance I could be smarter than you” I inquired and his reply struck right through me.

“Ahh … I suppose there is …” he said as he quickly engaged a curious green polka-dotted hanky to wipe the spittle from his flushed face.

“We’re on our way to becoming a family of morons if what you think is true.”

I mostly said to my silly ‘ol wife, silly, silly self and sillier son.

Then the silence slipped in clear examples.

Of both of us being right.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Dude knows.

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