Is One Thousand Religions Enough?

graphic of church building with star shooting over it
Soul Sale – Going, Going, Gone!

At one time I considered myself to be a religious person.

But after more than a decade of hearing the same tunes and tales ad nauseum I tried a whole bunch of different churches and then pretty soon none.

Now I regarded my NEW self to be Un-Religious.

Before long I was disturbed to learn about my automatic and almost mandatory membership into the religion of atheism and when I came to that realization, overboard kicking and screaming went doctrine number two.

What do Chrysler, Christ and Canada have in Common?

No, its not the “C”s.

They are all belief systems. Ways of thinking about cars, deities and homeland commitment. And usually these systems start influencing us as children in much the same manner that schools insisted we ask to go to the bathroom. What were they trying to teach us by doing that? Conformity?

My own personal interpretation is that it was all about watching our Pee’s and Poo’s and making certain all comrades emptied selected body compartments at the correct places and the right times. You know, to coincide with future coffee breaks, lunch breaks, and break neck speeds, etc.

Who’s Your Partner, Partner?

When I eventually contemplated the mythologies I give credence to, the results were alarming.

See if you recognize any of these interesting devotions from your own history:

1. Dying to Live Here – Parents mysteriously allow their kids to become cannon fodder because they were accidentally born in the same town.
can you read between the lines?
2. Now Is Not A Good Time – Forces beyond your control called a career set your life schedule.
do you see all there is to see?
3. Watch This and Get Stupid – You have no idea whether one movie will screw your kid up for life or not so someone else has to warn you.
can you see what you have been missing?
4. Thou, Kleptomaniac – We can’t fast forward through FBI and Interpol warnings at the start of rented movies and there is a reason why.
space is the only frontier, not final
5. Consumerism; Yer Hooked – You constantly buy only one brand of beer, cheese whiz (please, please, no) or pizza. C’mon, get two!
get between a couple of good ideas
6. YOOHOOHOO! I’M A WINNER! – A sports team administers your weekly happiness quotient and decides which jersey you have on right now.
don’t fix your world view because it is never broken, just warped
7. Hello Jail-Bait – You crossed a state, province or county line and are now breaking several laws.
two things will ensure we succeed, you and me
8. Accountants Run The Numbers – Hard to imagine the same folks who participated in Enron, Arthur Anderson and every bank fraud would jimmy the lottery. Nawww!
be all you can be by living outside yourself
9. Rest Your Royal Head – Everyone owns their own home as long as they pay the king forever.
there’s a good chance you could do better than you are
10. Broccoli Wins Hands Down – Some folks admit powerlessness over inanimate stuff but thinking turnips are tougher than people takes special consideration.

These days I understand how my life is ruled by theories and one by one I’m calling them out to see who is on board.

graphic of medicine man dressed in religious garb
Oogaa Booga! You Now Believe in ME!

Hopefully I’ll learn which mindsets are tripping me up and which are pushing me over the hill.

Any idea which presumptions are guiding your life?

It might be rewarding to know.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

PS. In 1971 Professor Philip Zimbardo at Stanford University conducted an experiment which has far reaching implications. Are you aware of it?

3 Responses to “Is One Thousand Religions Enough?”

  1. Hi Barry

    You’ve got a great blog with informative posts. The use of attractive graphics definitely makes it more appealing and complements your posts very well.

    Keep up the good work!



  2. Hi Barry,

    If we could all realize that indeed our actions/attitudes are dictated by others’ beliefs system, the world would be a better place. Self-realization is the starting point.
    uhmm!!! C-anada, C-hrist, maybe Crosby? Did I win? 😉




  3. Hi Barry, I found this post very interesting reading. I do agree with your theory and do you realise you have just created a ‘theory’ too??? Interesting.

    Enjoy the journey.



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