Its A STRAW That Breaks The Camel’s Back Not Tense and Burning Sprays

fer yer fodderland

Most folks have no idea how little effort is needed to change someone’s mind.

A decent ripper of a fart or even just a deep belch in the right person’s presence will alter their opinion of you.

And sometimes alter it forever if you can manage both at the same time …

But really, to control the outcome of any situation one needs only to fill enough parking spots or hang a length of yellow tape across the sidewalk and traffic will avoid that area like the plague.

Reality creators easily understand this and are fully aware that inconvenience is a powerful weapon for triggering preference

and because this entire decision party occurs on the inside of each person’s noggin

most folks equate the human mind to a personal bed in that it’s mostly made

up each day by the owner. The proof external entities have a whole lot

of impact with just a wee bit of input regarding our desires

is evident in our choice of religion, type of fluid sliding

into Gulletsville and name branding on our phones.

Without camping on our front yards or harassing us

these impressions hopped constantly into our

mobile “I’ll Pick” choice wagon and we kept

right on motoring, not noticing that the

load just got heavier or that our path

was slightly altered which could possibly

mean we might never wind up anywhere

close to where we were headed.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Opening image by this genius:


15 Responses to “Its A STRAW That Breaks The Camel’s Back Not Tense and Burning Sprays”

  1. Most of my current ideas are coming from Homeland Security. Thanks muchly, folks.


  2. You are controlling my thoughts, right?


  3. I also notice you don’t have to click on my comments to read them. (talking to Homeland Security)

    So you must be monitoring me in real time. Like when I do something electronically.

    Like keystrokes. Made to look like paranoia. Made.


  4. Only my willing loss of consciousness is thwarting you.

    Not to mention the twisting.

    Am I getting warmer?


  5. In a way, I’m actually employing people just by blogging.

    I wish I was getting your wages, pal, because I’m the one doing all he work. You and your young friends are just watching and playing the ODD trick on me.



  6. If I only knew, I hear you think.

    I will pal, I will.



  7. I hear the drone a’comin,
    Comin’ round the bend,
    And no one here hears drones
    until they don’t remember when.

    But them drones, they keep a’comin,
    until I don’t know when.



  8. Hush little baby, don’t you fly,
    Papa’s gonna get you a brand new fry.
    An if that fry don’t flag hees ass,
    Papas gonna hep you win no less.



  9. I also tried to cover two emotions with the title of this tune because tense and tents are both bad dis-eases.

    The tents inferred here is when we are forcing someone to cover for us. Tit for tat. The thin blue line. Marines leave no one behind.
    No matter what anyone thinks, we will search and feel you. Tense brother. Its manufacturing tense.

    Want a job?


  10. Everything I’m talking about here could be used for good or evil, of course.

    Both take jis as much work for sure, a person gets many more early volunteers for some good stuff.

    But Bad Stuff? That no one wants to see.


  11. If you can’t improve on this shite, lawdy hep youse!


  12. mah shite.


  13. Sometimes I get so scared I it takes me daze to come and read what I wrote under the full thumb of wine.

    Other than a preoccupation with Homeland Security (are they following you, pal?), this don’t seem so bad.

    I do feel like an idiot the day after writing drunk but this is usually before I check to see what dude hammered wrote.


  14. Lessee, can a person git arrested for being stupid?

    Can a Bush become president?

    Does it shite in the woulds?


  15. Okay, I’m writing this WW (without wine) so I better tone it down a bit.


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