It’s Just Me and You

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Nowhere Man

I was in my early 40’s before I realized I was me.

Living in a motel in Penticton, British Columbia, I had just started reading a book by Shad Helmstetter called Self Talk.

In the jumble of letters I was forcing into my mind I came across a phrase where Shad says “and what voice am I talking about? I’m talking about the little voice inside your head that is asking right now, what voice is he talking about?”

That sentence changed my life.

Who Makes You?

Songs, poems and anthems plead with us to reveal our true selves so we can lay that life down for some pertinent cause. How about our own cause?

Those folks talking to us know we’re in there but most of us don’t so well meaning handlers assume control the same way a heroic passenger would pilot a bus from plowing into pedestrians. And we just sit there, stunned by it all.

My wife Kathy recognized her personal power in July of 2008 after understanding she had been a victim all her life. Instantly, both her outlook and future changed dramatically. The smooth differences I have witnessed in her and inevitable consequences to our family have been nothing short of astounding, to say the least. If I hadn’t seen how easy it was with my own eyes, I am not certain I would have believed it. Kind of like getting picked up by a UFO.

Acquaint Yourself

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Get to know yourself gradually. No Fast Friends.

Knowing what I now know I would advise that before folks jump right into trying to get to know who they are, a little research and contemplation are in order.

Let’s not go too far right off the bat. First, you get acquainted with yourself and then you live with yourself . Next you try to like yourself and THEN (and only then) will you begin to know yourself.

This ain’t rocket science. If you don’t LIKE someone, what is the chance you will ever get to KNOW them?

And it seldom happens in one fowl swoop!

Here is the big self discovery formula and it’s pretty complicated so listen real close:

  1. Think about who might be in charge of your life.
  2. See if you can work a deal with that person.

It’s a toughie and more than most folks can muster.

Might be something worth looking into.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

2 Responses to “It’s Just Me and You”

  1. “Think about who might be in charge of your life.
    See if you can work a deal with that person.”

    I would also add – take back your power from the person who is in charge of your life, if you are an adult. The aquiesence of another person being in charge of your life comes from our inner child perceptions formed when we were small. Some aspects of us need updated.

    Not sure about working a deal… When you change your “dance”, the other person is going to have to change their dance too. Sometimes there is no need to work a deal. 🙂


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Hey uh, quit trying to outsmart me on my own territory!

    Of course, I agree with what you said and now that you typed it onto my blog it’s MINE, MINE, MINE!

    I friggin LOVE the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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