Just Because Something Ain’t There Don’t Mean Its Missing

rooster fights not good human fights okay

Some real things maybe shouldn’t be


Lots of folks get upset over nothing when they contemplate reality.

They imagine that some thing, person or circumstance is

Lacking and then proceed to dither over whether

Existence as we know it can continue with

Such an obvious chunk wanting. Quite

Often by accident people discover

That the part considered gone

Should have never existed

In the first place and all

The disappointment

On the planet will

Not compel life’s

Puzzle to favor

Every peace.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


Alice Cooper – Luney Tune

I slipped into my jeans lookin’ hard and feelin’ mean
I took a spit at the moon it’s all in this luney tune
Just a little insane a couple of shots I can’t feel no pain
Hey where have I been and who are these scary men
Is this all real is this all necessary or it this a joke
Many know I don’t regret at all
They locked me up for good pinned me against the wall
I can’t find the exit I quit lookin’ for doors
I stole a razor from the commissary I just couldn’t take it no more
I’m swimmin’ in blood like a rat on a sewer floor
No longer insane just part of this crazy dream

Lyrics courtesy: http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/Luney-Tune-lyrics-Alice-Cooper/6FB7A48B5802DC2548256C4800085E5E


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