Keep That Fat Guy Off Me

Most folks have some idea who they want to be and a lot of those same people are not that person.

Its as if as soon as we know we can shape ourselves everyone wants to.

Can we get taller faster? Hang longer appendages? Smaller noses?

How about inserting some bumps? Maybe we swell lips

or cut skin off certain parts of ourselves and ink

any untanned hide. As we gallop head long

toward chameleon it don’t matter which

direction fate approaches from cause

stank we handled already keyrect?

There’s no need for nothing

to smell funny no more.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


8 Responses to “Keep That Fat Guy Off Me”

  1. How about just eating vegetable soup for a few days.

    Does that count?


  2. Just keep it straight forward.

    You fat bastard.


  3. I am a fat bastard and yes, it takes one to know one.


  4. Fat fucker.


  5. Not a person who fucks fat but a person who makes love overweight.


  6. Love, as you might expect, has not weight.

    But overweight people do.


  7. No weight. Not not.


  8. Yep. Feeling fat today.

    Fat Day. Why is there no fat day?

    Always going to be fat people.

    This is THEIR day.

    Then Schizophrenics Day.


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