Lawdy I Got Dee Baggage Handled

Most folks have endured a job they despised.

For me, in my late forties and not knowing

what to do this meant accepting one of

the quickest jobs I could get without

bosses or a start time which was

hauling late arrival (meaning

you don’t have it) luggage

from Westjet (almost

none) and Air Can

ada (lots and

drawn out.)

One dude with seven bags saw me seven waay past tense times.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Hobo Express Y’all. (true name of my baggage handler)

From Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Tunnel capital of Canada.


9 Responses to “Lawdy I Got Dee Baggage Handled”

  1. I fucking grew to hate poor people who could fly.

    Those motherfuckers always got bumped. Their baggage was always late and those fucks ALWAYS lived on the top floor of their non elevatored building!



  2. As an Air Canada employee (sort of) I suggested that I give these folks a box of Air Canada cookies with every delivery. Seven deliveries makes for some lucky cookie getters!

    I uh, didn’t hear back from the high flyers…


  3. Late bags can be a marketing platform.

    They’re expected and inspected.


  4. This baggage job was critical to me getting my janitorial managers job with Marquise Hospitality at Regina Airport Authority.


  5. Course, I didn’t know this when I was carting those stupid motherfucking bags!


  6. I don’t know if it’s in place, but I’m laughing out haaard.
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    Barry Williams Reply:

    Yes, you should be laughing hard!

    I am.


  7. lying about having cancer to make money is a full time business for me


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Please run for government. We need more folks like you…


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