Leave It! Catch It Later… (NO DON’T AND HERE’S WHY)

(Corporate training video on employee responsibility)

Fake Keith Morrison announcer’s voice over:


It started out as a small pile of swept up debris.

But, before long that small mound would turn into one of the greatest scandals to ever dust up the janitorial industry.

It was that little pile, not huge by any stretch of the imagination, but just large enough that it was to cause the embarrassment of a loving, supportive family and an entire field of professionals.

Locals remember a wet, cool autumn had blown into South Caledonia in 2004 and on one of those blustery nights hotel janitor Ernie Knob was just finishing up his shift.

Ernie loved his job as night janitor at a local hotel on account of it gave him plenty of time to clean the facility properly and still have enough time to check out each cash return slot on the video terminals.

Just last week he found twenty damn dollars so yeah, it was worth it.

Anyway, Ernie was sweeping up in the lobby and had followed steps 1 through 3 of what every janitor knows are good sweeping practices and yet prior to completing his Bristle Quartet® and getting the trash into a dustpan, something got Ernie’s attention.

Whatever it was, it must have been great for him to forgo Step 4 of Good Sweeping Practices.

As each and every graduating janitor from Clean Sweep School knows;

“Ain’t No Sense Doing One Two Three If You Aint Gonna Do Number Four!”

It’s a chant that janitors from Timbuktu to the basement of Hell play over and over in their head constantly.

It just doesn’t make no sense!

And yet, there it was…

A pile of trash! Right in the photo.

Probably not more than a single number two dustpan full but it sullied the entire floor!

That uncollected pile of debris was a testament to how important it is to follow through.

Sure the huge pool of blood from Ernie’s stabbed body didn’t help matters any but death doesn’t have to be embarrassing as well as deadly!

Everybody dies but not everyone follows the steps.

Do Step Four people!!

Don’t wind up like Ernie and get distracted before your debris is collected.

What if, like Ernie, you make the front page?

What would your family think?

Remembered as a dead no finisher?!

Not on our watch…


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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