Let’s Hear Three Huge Cheers For Our Good Friend Spontaneous Confabulation!

These daze we are surrounded by things which deserve our marvel.

Lots of folks are coming up with lots of stuff and sometimes its

challenging to comprehend it all on account of life being

a moving target but simply acknowledging the fact

that when plenty ‘o shite is happening some of it

is bound to be misconstrued allows anyone to

be as confused as necessary. This is true

with religion, science, and of course

politics while hinting that many

relatively innocent folks are

getting pretty adept at

describing shite that does not and may never exist.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


2 Responses to “Let’s Hear Three Huge Cheers For Our Good Friend Spontaneous Confabulation!”

  1. Hi Barry, I really like what you wrote about being confused about the pace of life and the amazing technology these days. How does one even try to keep up with what’s happening? I really don’t know.


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Eva, that makes two knotknowers.

    If we can find a leader, we got ourselves a bonafide group!


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