Life Marches On Whether We’re IN Today’s Parade Or OUT

Anyone not planning for their demise is demented.

Misguided, delusional and loopy are descriptors that come to mind.

After all, everyone is not going to be collapsing at the same time but IF whatever we do (did) is of value, it will still need to be done. By someone.

Unless, of course, if we’re doing zip – anyone can do that.

The value I’m babbling about here leaves this kind of evidence:

1. A slight vacuum and wobbling of the planet. People become too On Kilter.

2. Clear paths to follow / not follow.

3. Whispers after the you’re gone party.

The main thing to comprehend about our wakes is to remember that we have them.

And they suck folks into our slipstreams.

Especially the bad swimmers.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.



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  1. Some pretty fucking stupid folks have followers. Why not us?


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