Life Must Only Be Given

Yes there are bad things.

Cheese rots.

Lumber rots.

Roads and bridges crumble.

Sharp edges on the perimeter of society.

Dull them yes, keep them outa the wind we must cut though,

Until we reach that place.

That place where nothing is taken.

Only given.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

I killed a mouse the other day.

On purpose.

Fucker died a horrible death.

I set two traps, thinking there might be two mice.

One mouse. A smart mouse. Reaches in to grab the peanut butter rather than stick his entire head in and SNAP!! the fucking trap catches his front right leg and SNAP!! his tail sets off the second trap.

Mofo tried to chew his arm off to get outa trap one.

Fuck I was sick.

The traps had been set by Mechanical Hunter Williams at the rear of the drawer under the range (stove, oven whatever)

Distance from traps to where I found the poor bastard in the morning: 4 feet.

Motherfucker dragged himself from the back of the stove to the middle of our kitchen floor.

Ahg. Jesus. Terrible.

How big life?

After getting rid of the evidence before it traumatized my wife, I tried to forget about the murder matter.

Within an hour found two other baby mice, cuddled up together and trapped in a plastic garbage bin.

I could see that they were terrified and giving each other comfort.

Bully for them, I thought.

Two people in that situation would have eaten each other by now.

As King of BarryLand, I let them go.

(“But not anywhere near the house!” my less gawdly wife warned me. Like I could control where they went upon release…)

Two for one.

I had to kill a food thief who shat on everything we found dear. 

I saved two who had done me no harm but who were prone to my mercy.

Course, lawdy hep either of those two if they git to fonda Honeycombs.

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