Like Hitting A Really Soft Brick Wall

in the middle waits only trouble

This kid was crazy.

This kid was dangerously crazy in that he didn’t think of repercussions.

There were no outcomes to be considered.

No futures to behold. Only right now

and that’s in this car traveling 50

miles an hour just before it hits

a 25 foot tall straw stack in

the middle of a field. You

stay here idiot says to

his girlfriend while

he leaves her in

the internal combustion hot car buried in the

middle of a destroyed straw stack to get a tractor.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


4 Responses to “Like Hitting A Really Soft Brick Wall”

  1. This woman eventually became my practice wife.

    She stayed in the damn car for about 15 minutes until I could get back with the tractor.

    My main concern that day was getting the hell off the farm before the old man caught me because it was a straw stack from our threshing machine that I hit.

    Only later did my cousin twig me onto the fact that the car could have caught fire under the stack.

    Then I almost shit my pants.

    All this while I continued to stumble through life making stupider mistakes than this…


  2. I truly thought we would just blow through this stack.

    It was quite a bit wider at the bottom than what I estimated but still, when you hit something at 50 miles per hour, that’s pretty fast.

    I remember hearing that the old man was horrified at what I’d done but he didn’t say anything to me at the time on account of him staying drunk for a few days.


  3. And me staying away until things died down.


  4. The car stopped in two car lengths because it was one car length into the stack to hook up the chains to pull the car out.

    I remember being panicked because it was all the tractor could do to pull the car back through the straw that had fallen down behind the car.

    Of course, my girlfriend (Sherry Archibald / Williams) had to stay in the car to drive it out…


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