Lost Keys And Deceased Offspring Have Much In Common

Many folks know the exquisite pain of beloved child death.

They start out believing that they will never experience

their young friend’s company again but this need not

be true because just like deep remorse can twist a

person’s guts into undo-able knots, the memory

of anyone may be appreciated & molded into

such fine fantasy that it begins to envelop

and participate in our reality similar to

patriotic duty or fervent adherence

to religious guidance. As soon as

we realize that like lost keys

our dreams are not destroyed

but more than likely in the possession of others who

may know nothing of our lock but whom treasure the keys just the same.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Choose which dimension you want to be in and get going because there are many worlds to explore.



One Response to “Lost Keys And Deceased Offspring Have Much In Common”

  1. Like all my children, I think of you every day Nadine.

    I know a part of you is definitely out here somewhere but plenty of you resides timeless in the hearts of us who love you.

    And like everything else, our love don’t and cannot stop.


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