Love Comes Here All The Time But It Don’t Stick Around

Think before you plant that garden.

What is the water supply like

and what was groan here

before this and please

don’t say this is a

toxic site just

because your

seeds won’t take.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


7 Responses to “Love Comes Here All The Time But It Don’t Stick Around”

  1. How cities got started.


  2. A few seconds after kids learn to say “Mama” they also ask “what’s for dinner?”


  3. Very inspirational. “Think before you plant a garden”…really got me thinking. And I stumbled upon it in the best possible moment in my life.
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    Barry Williams Reply:

    Well thank you.


  4. There. Now something makes sense.


  5. There.


  6. Now there.


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