Lucky Is A Double Edge Sword

Make it.

Push it.

Gobble yours up.

Hard to get a handle on

Bad ‘ol luck.

Gotta make a place to park it.

Or it will never ever darken

The doorway

To you way

And how you get to it.

It’s a stranger.

Hint ‘o danger.

Re-arranger of life.

Luck doesn’t play nice.

It’s fire on ice.

Luck wouldn’t think twice

Let you cut your own throat.

Then it unties your goat.

So luck can get it.

If you don’t get it.

Luck will sink your damn boat.

Worst enemy.

Acts friendly.

As it sneaks your wallet out.

Loses car keys.

Whatever luck pleases.

It don’t muck about.

If you don’t give it clout

Ho boy, you look out…





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