Lying Can Be A Thing Of The Past With This Data Suppression Procedure

Dude strapped to lie detector
Did you or did you knot just shite your pants?

We ARE being fooled & mostly by ourselves.

Yep, there’s some significant Tom Foolery occurring which we should probably take a look at.

Little white lies of omission regarding cell phones, packaged meats, the economy and jeepers, even the future of our planet.

Yes ma’am, she’s all adding up and the numbers don’t look so good.

Unless you’re in data suppression mode.

Close one eye and take a gander at this bit of info on how to not report stuff:

1.Suppressing Research Data: Methods, Context, Accountability, and Responses

2. U. S. Government Data Suppression at Dept. of Labor






Thank you, friend

Barry out.

These guys sing a little tune about data suppression but I don’t believe they call it exactly that:


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