LySergic acid Diethylamide Didn’t Affect Dude


How Dude hates the Mozi-kins!

He hates them oh so fine.

If Mozi bones could be sweetened up,

He’d dine on them full time.


Ah, the blood sucking Mozi-clan!

Kamikaze in scope.

They’ll lick eyes, taste ears and butt holes too,

There’s no end to their rope.


The Mozi’s suck it up

They’ll kick your dermis door down.

When they leave it’s with a bump.

You’ll know they were there by their burning scratchy gift,

A reddish, itching lump.


Now, don’t get me wrong.

Mozies have their place.

Snacking on the puss in a politician’s face.

That’s a good match.

Itch’n and a scratchin.

Hooking up the Mozies with new homes for them to hatchin.

Then they be catching.

Mozies suckin face of every politician baskin.

See what yer askin?

Yer madness she unmask it.

Take a pill and pass kid.

Yer drastic. Dramatic.

A pot like that needs a lid.

Put a lid. on. it. kid.

You and yer wee little Mozies.

Vam vam vam vampeerish.

Ma Ma Ma Mozies.

I said Mozies!


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.





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