Mindless Statements Are Perfectly Fine But Never Three Times In A Row. Taint Rat.

marilyn manson with without makeup

Most folks assume “this is the way I am and I can’t change.”

Songs have even been written about “this” way of thinking. These people describe themselves by suggesting to everyone that this is my appearance, this is the way I speak and if you watch me close enough you’ll notice that this is the way I walk.

What we see here is a very good example of living “inside the balks.”

It is well known to human chameleons (music stars, doctors, lawyers, police officers, fraud artists, salespeople and bodybuilders, etc.) that people can easily influence their appearance through food, fasting or fighting and that everyone has at least a wee bit of ability to mimic and given practice can so alter the way they speak that they could easily be mistaken for Mickey Mouse.

And for certain the manner in which we carry ourselves will almost effortlessly be modified by the mere presence of hoodlums or honeys and both may influence us deeply in an instant.

So, if we can alter almost everything about ourselves

then it certainly stands to reason that we can

reduce retarded statements to a trickle

because shit’s all talk and we’re not.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


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