Mister Catastrophe Waits Just The Other Side Of You Think That I Don’t Know?

Most folks have no idea that they operate in a trance.

They don’t take into account the fact that anyone

with any gumption whatsoever would not

drive two hours per day just so they

could deliver the most valuable

thing on earth to anyone who

thinks that whatever was

brought to market was anything but holy.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

7 Responses to “Mister Catastrophe Waits Just The Other Side Of You Think That I Don’t Know?”

  1. Insanity is sitting in a parked or barely moving vehicle for two hours every day.

    Total insanity is many people doing the same thing.

    Over and over until they are dead or begin wishing death upon others.

    “Look at that FUCKING IDIOT in the Mustang up there! Jesus I hate fucking retards like him… Lets see if we can get up beside him to give him the finger!”


  2. Passenger:

    “Yeah, Fucking Moron! Just get close to him and I’ll throw this coffee at him!”


    “Hey, that’s my coffee!”


    “No, you drank your coffee, remember? I bought two and this one belongs to STUPID MOTHERFUCKER in the ‘stang. Let’s DO THIS!”


  3. Driver:

    “Shit. I wish I would have got another coffee. IDIOT in the Mustang really got me worked up and I feel my heart crying out for something. Like coffee.”


    “Goddammit Bob, you can have the coffee but what about RETARD? What’s he get?!”


    “Fuck it, you’re right. Give FUCKWAD my coffee, I’ll likely feel better about it afterward.”


    “Yeah, heh, heh – good choice. Hey! You’re losing ASSHOLE!”


  4. It was rat about here that the film broke and someone started feeling me up.


  5. Then I remembered that I had been at a party and was actually at a road side sobriety test.


  6. Dude ruined my party.


  7. Actually, it was a catastrophe.


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