More People In The Picture Does Not Necessarily A Clearer Image Make

Knowing every part without How Shite Works = Understanding Squat

Before today’s almost ubiquitous internet most folks gained their information and understanding from elders, experience, marks in the sand, scrapes on bark and skins, letters, books, magazines, newspapers, radio and television.

Back in those daze any person thinking they could inform everyone would be considered a twit due to the fact that we were totally dependent on mostly one-way third party data channels to provide who, what, where,

When, and why everything was occurring. Few discouraging words were ever

Heard about if let alone how the messages received might be skewed

And little thought was given to pertinent material that might be

Missing from mainstream accounts because a limited number

Of reporters existed and nearly every source of human

Knowledge was influenced to some degree by the

Largess of profitable enterprises which for the

Most part follow an agenda opposite to full

Disclosure. Today even with millions of

Twitters transmitting the news in

Nearly real time large portions

Of every picture continue

To be missed because

Tall trees block any

Light that risks

Revealing the

Tinder dry


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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  1. That message to the 99% video thing is pretty good…are you one of those that follows this stuff? Kinda interesting to hear someone like that, so thanks for putting me onto him.
    David Wainwright recently posted..Nikon D3100 DSLR

  2. You smell that? I do.

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