Moving About In Hurry Up Today

Quick trips are the only ones allowed in the Land of Rushian.

If you ain’t on an expeditious journey, chances are you’re holding up traffic.

So go with the flow when there’s no other way.

But don’t make a habit of it.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

See hear.


4 Responses to “Moving About In Hurry Up Today”

  1. Police are so effective at reducing driver’s speeds that they have to HIDE to catch folks speeding. HIDE.

    When speeders are caught, it ain’t uncommon for them to have previous speeding tickets. Fine, Fine and Fine.

    Dat dere’s a system what works good one way only. For the king.

  2. Unless everyone who speeds is stupid, mayhaps royalty is sticking their nose somewhares it ought nought be.


  3. I wonder when I’m going to lose my internet connection.

  4. Even if its the queen its still the king because of nature’s hierarchy malarkey.

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