Muslims = Not Just Bad For The Christmas Tree Business

Muslims don’t believe in usury, either.

No wonder they are so easily considered lunatic over here.

Yet, I agree with the followers of Islam. Usury is definitely one of THE main problems facing our global society. I bet there’s other stuff we see eye to eye on, too.

No matter what cultural differences or horrific specters (ie: global warming) our handlers raise, I am certain we have a lot of common ground to solve problems from.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Captain Bill Withers spills the beans through this little ditty about why being used gets us westerners all mixed up.

Now, remember please that brother Bill is talking about a GOOD kind of getting used here. There’s a difference because its dang near 100% reciprocal.

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  1. At 15 seconds into this film you will see one of the coolest dudes ever thrown into existence.

    Cool was invented to describe Mr. X.

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