My Secret Blog Idea Plan – How To Appear Extweemly, Extweemly Intelligent

Original ideas are a dime a dozen.

Here is my formula for faking new perspectives:

  1. I think of something: for example (cars) and ask my mom and dad: (wikipedia and google) about it.
  2. They tell me lots of stuff no one should ever have to know about something – let’s say automobiles.
  3. I look for the most frightening or absurd concept about vehicles, get my crayons out and start pretending.

Where I get my ideas:

  1. This thing plus one. Cars are dangerous and people more preoccupied. Add phone worms in people’s ears. Hmm. I wonder where this is headed and I don’t mean figuratively…
  2. Reading between the lines. Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird, a plane, what is it? Its an idea hiding right there between those two obvious ones!
  3. What Did You Just Call Me?! I visit my dad’s girlfriend ( whom I am infatuated with to get her side of my story.
  4. Dis-inhibitors: Wine and Lysergic Acid Diethylamide seem to help me (you’ve got to watch your levels, though). If you can produce something worthwhile reading from the same mindset as your reader, puh-leease let me know how you do it. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  5. Cesarean Section a Title – I know this is important and I screw up here all the time. But once you have a name for your country, a flag and national anthem are right behind.

Creating The Article

I have limited talent in this field but this whole process is imaginary so I pretend that I do have at least rudimentary writing skills and begin typing things which often resemble words.

Initially, I just write down any ideas and proprietary evidence (no one is an expert on what I think but me!) that come into my awareness. The concept which I have developed to this point is at best normal and at worst stupid. (I call this framing) – hard to improve on nothing.

Then, I refine the story by using more appropriate words to clarify the new thoughts I am having. I also try to chop out unnecessary language at this point. (patching & painting)

Next, I attempt to shine up those ideas by putting my special distortion on them and hopefully have enough made up original stuff to override a few of the smarter arguments which might carelessly attempt to disprove my opinion. (Tom Foolery)

Other than posting your now original threats and then occasionally checking / updating the post as your worldview shifts over the next few days, your job as a budding cadet author is well underway!

Atten – Hut!

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

PS. In 96 hrs I updated this post 12 times as my mind changed about how to try and tell you the story properly.(July 28, 2010)

Update: Feb 4, 2012 (end of the world year)

This is my new and improved story inwenchion process:

1. Blab a title. Any order of words will work because chances are good you’ll be changing them anyway.

2. Imagine and record as many points as possible about your concept and then read between your lines.

3. All ideas may be bent but not killed. Tortured but never extinguished. Stretched but not snapped.

4. Start with some weird aspect of your idea. The opposite of it, remark on its strangeness. Keep this short.

5. Expand on your idea from any degree within the 360 available to you in a couple of hundred words.

6. Finish by explaining how things would be so much better if you were running the world.

7. Fake proof for your concept so it can enter the psychological lexicon of your culture.

8. Start adding PhD behind your name.

9. Wake up the next day and edit your story while sober.

10. Keep editing over daze as the idea gels or gets slippery. Kill no idea. Ever.

11. Maintain your writing fluid levels and make your words form shapes.

12. Don’t believe everything you read, hear or see.

13. For criminy sakes, pull something new out of reality.

14. At ease, author!

Update #2 December 2012

See, I didn’t think we were going to last this long so now I have to update this stupid story again… Sheesh!

Learn Original ArseHole Writing From Barry L. ArseHole Williams

133 Responses to “My Secret Blog Idea Plan – How To Appear Extweemly, Extweemly Intelligent”

  1. I was frightened of writing on the internet at first Barry, because I thought as it was ‘published’ it had to be accurate. But now I’ve realised everything is just opinion anyway, and my opinion is just as valid as someone else’s. 8)

    Poor old Pontius Pilate worried about “What is Truth?” ages ago. I don’t worry about it, I’m happy with the weltanschauung (world view) I have created for myself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    John McNally recently posted..BLOG HOPPING for TRAFFIC


  2. I have always enjoyed doing research and writing this blog puts me in contact with concepts I have been pondering for decades.

    The way I figure it is if I invest 10 hours of research on a subject and can find some nugget of new knowledge or look at the old knowledge in a new way and present that to my readers, I have just saved them 10 hours of life in relation to the time they might spend on my blog.

    If, over the course of the lifetime of my blog, I can save a few hundred or thousands of readers 10 hrs each, I have essentially generated a pile of intelligence while saving my students a whack of life. Its like making kids you don’t have to feed!

    The bonus in all of this is that our attempt to understand reality reduces entropy and increases organization and that is dang good for the universe!

    That’s what I love about blogging – everything.

    I also think you are a great dude who is making the world a better place. Good on you, John.

    Talk to you later pal.



  3. Hi Barry, great post. I’m taking part in the 100 blog comment challenge and as i’ve been looking around some of the blogs i’ve come across a few people that are struggling and would make great use of this post.

    If you’re up for the challenge Barry let me know and i’ll add this permalink to the contributors page on my blog and try and drive some traffic here.

    Catch up soon, Barry Wells
    Barry Wells recently posted..Bloggers- Need A Little Lift


    Barry Reply:

    @Barry Wells,
    Hey Barry – how are you, mister?

    Yes, I’m up for the comment challenge and would love you to slip my name into the hat…

    Thanks pal.

    Barry recently posted..My Secret Blog Idea Plan โ€“ How To Appear Extweemly- Extweemly Intelligent


    Barry Wells Reply:

    @Barry, Hi Barry, thats all done my friend.

    You’ll find the page at:

    If any of your readers would like to join in they can get in touch via my blog.

    Best of luck Barry, catch up soon, the other Barry
    Barry Wells recently posted..Bloggers- Need A Little Lift


    Barry Williams Reply:

    My friend, thank you so much for your effort on this. I find it so interesting how a bit of attention can stir up so much interest!

    Later, pal.


  4. Hi again, sorry Barry I ment to say how good your blog is looking now.

    The plugins for comment reply etc look great and they have help my blog increase traffic by about 25%.

    Hope you get the same results.

    Catch up soon, Barry
    Barry Wells recently posted..Encouraging New Blog Owners


  5. Barry, If you want more of your original posts showing on the first page, with the first couple of paragraphs and a link to read the full post (like my blog), install the plugin ‘Post Teaser’ by WeyHan Ng.

    I have made my 100 comment post ‘sticky’ so it stays at the top, but as only a couple of paragraphs are showing, visitors can still see my new post underneath. 8)

    John McNally recently posted..Squeeze Page WEBSITE


  6. Thanks pal, I’ll look into that.

    Barry recently posted..My Secret Blog Idea Plan โ€“ How To Appear Extweemly- Extweemly Intelligent


  7. Hi Barry,

    Fake it til you make it. And add a little (or a lot of) humor. I know it works, just need to keep working to get there. Thanks for the post, I enjoyed it.

    Have a Great Day,



  8. Hi Barry, At first I was confused, then I was bemused, now I get your drift and you’ve given me a lift!


    Enjoy the journey.

    Mandy Allen recently posted..How do you relax


  9. Barry,

    I didn’t want to comment here because I really hope Roonie wins the comment challenge… but I just had to say this.

    OMG, re you nuts? Is there any semblance of reality in the twisted stuff you call thoughts wandering around in your head? I think you need to up the dosage on your LSD.
    Allen Davis recently posted..Do You Deliver


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Howdy Allen,

    Yes, I do feel like I am crazy and I’m all up for increasing my LSD intake.

    When can you bring some over?


    Barry Wells Reply:

    @Allen Davis, Allen, the challenge is getting 100 bloggers to join in and generate 100 comments for everyone, not just one person.

    Would you like to join in?

    If so get in touch and i’ll add your details to the list.



  10. Howdy Mandy,

    Hey, that’s the way I roll, too!

    Confused, bemused and uh, then rinse and repeat!

    Thanks very much for your comment, missus.



  11. Hi Mister Barry, it’s always a pleasure to read your unique informative posts. Very good way to improve your writing skills, thank you for the info. Can you send me some of that LSD?

    Don’t be taking any of that stuff at your new job at the airport, you wouldn’t want everyone smiling too too much because if the security, customs and the pilots start smiling it not going to be a good thing.

    I love you man…Mister Terry Conti not Terri Conti

    I’m watching you…
    Terry Conti recently posted..Sell your ebook on its own or put it on Clickbank What do you think


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Howdy Terry,

    I wonder how many people are an expert in feeling like a dork?

    My apologies for calling you a girl.

    That was wrong of me and now I have to think of a brand new name for you.

    Friend, perhaps?

    I am so very grateful to you, MISTER. Thank you.



  12. Hi Barry,

    Well pal I have to say ‘you are a one off’ if you don’t know what that means it’s a Brit expression meaning there are not many like you and I mean it as a compliment.

    Any chance of gaining entry to your world Barry as the one we lesser mortals inhabit is getting worse.

    Keep up the unusual posts I’m all for something different!




    Barry Williams Reply:

    Whassup Sir Bill?

    Gee, mister. I was just about to ask how much rent I owe you for hanging my hat in your existence.

    I so much appreciate you noticing the distinct difference between lesser and mere mortals.

    You, my fine feathered friend, obviously belong to that limited group of aware animals who recognize that there is a Grate in Life. A sieve through which the pressured crumb called “lesser” actually implies that something called greater exists.

    Me, I am still at “mere” which is the stand the lesser grate is built upon but it is obvious to me that I won’t be here long.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Bill for being one off me, too.



  13. Hi Barry
    All this talk of LySergic acid Diethylamide takes me on a trip down memory lane being a 60`s child and all that.
    I love the way you write,it ebbs and flows like a universal tide with a dash of space dust, if this makes any sense you need to lower your dose.
    Many thanks for your super little post, I`m just writing any to see what happens



    Barry Williams Reply:

    Whoa! That DID make sense to me! But what can it all mean?

    Mr. Mike, I want to thank you so much for:

    1. Being a child of the universe, no less than the trees and (you know the rest…)
    2. Understanding that if the universe is expanding, uh, how can our minds stay teeny tiny?
    3. Having a memory lane.
    4. Espousing that universal tide nonsense.

    Do you hear that beeping or is something backing up?

    Thanks so much for your caring words, Mike.

    You are loved, brother.



    mike shepherd Reply:

    @Barry Williams,

    Barry My Friend….
    That beeping I believe was the ANSWER..TO LIFE..THE UNIVERSE..AND EVERYTHING….(Weren`t you counting the 42 beeps)…I didn`t have a guide to the Galaxy I was just hitching a ride to the other side…
    Peace & Love


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Yes, yes… I hear the beeping and I would be happy to travel to the other side of the universe with you today.

    Thank you for the peace and thumbs up to the love, brother. Reply:

    @mike shepherd,

    This is just too good to pass up!


    Mark recently posted..I Can Achieve- I Will Achieve- I will be Successful!


  14. Yeah, I am there man!! Throw out all those formalities and write from the heart. There are such things as too much research and too much information. Go where you are led by your gut feeling and you cannot go too far wrong.
    Michael Pedzotti recently posted..Guess who is guest posting


    Barry Williams Reply:

    My Good Man Michael,

    Brother, you hit the nail on the head! How many folks know anything about their heart or gut?

    How many have the heart or the guts to not only survive, but thrive?

    How few people understand that heart can exist outside the human body just as folks have survived working their guts out for some merciless tyrant?

    Heart and Guts, friend. I do so love the way you think!



  15. Hi Barry, At first I thought “What is he talking about?” then I realized that I don’t know what I am talking about.

    The frightening thing is that I have been using your method of article writing without knowing it.

    Good post.
    Regards, Brian.
    Brian Ripley recently posted..Persistence and Perseverance


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Oh Buddy, I can’t tell you how great it is to see you type those words…

    So many times I have felt the same thing myself: What is he talking about?! and uh, quite often – WHO is that that is talking?

    Mr. Ripley, believe it or not, I think you and I are on the same wavelength even if I seem kinda particle-ish at times.

    Thanks very much for your comment, Brian. Have a grand day, pal.



  16. Hey Barry,
    Roger that loud and clear!

    Your post here twist my mind wuite a bit and made my thoughts fly in 8 diffrent directions!

    Wish I can have as much wit as you for my writing.English not excactly my 1st language but had been working hard on it for years.

    Like it when you wrote…

    “But once you have a name for your country, a flag and national anthem are right behind.”

    Is just so clever!

    Very Nice Tips For writing you have here.



    Barry Williams Reply:

    Holy Moly!

    I am not fooled for one minute, mister.

    I’ve been to your blog and you speak to your audience so adeptly in non native tongues it is obvious you must be watched very, very closely.

    From what I saw, you seem to be collecting the intelligence of several people and piling it up in one spot…YOUR BLOG!

    I am on to you, friend.

    Thanks so very much for your comment, Jason. Great to meet you.



    JasonSer@The Most Powerul Inspiratinal Quote Of Your Life Reply:

    @Barry Williams,


    Who am I to think that I can fool The Witty Writing aMUSEr?
    Not even a split of a second! I must be outa my mind.

    Thanks you so much for letting me have a glimpse of that
    grand writer gene in me. Is encouraging to me as a adeptly
    non-native. Really!

    P/S: No I have to try harder to appear Extweemly Intelligent.
    Thanks to you, my friend.

    Jason Ser


  17. Hi Barry, i’m putting a twitter list together for the contributors to the 100 blog comment challenge.

    Could you let me have your twitter name please so i can add you to the list.



    Barry Williams Reply:

    Hey There Mr. Wells,

    I don’t have a twitter account yet, my friend and while I know it is important, I’m not sure that is my bag.

    Thanks very much for all this effort you are investing for us Barry. I am writing a post on Altruism and while I am putting it together I think about you and all the other people I have met through John Thornhill’s course.

    For a while, I had almost given up hope that folks existed who would reach down and help another up. You and the people you hang with have allowed me to experience a paradigm shift regarding human nature and for that, mister, I am deeply grateful.

    Have a grand day, brother.



    John McNally Reply:

    @Barry Williams, Good for you Barry, making a stand against Twitter. I HAVE got an account, but I wish I hadn’t bothered.

    John McNally recently posted..JESUS โ€œSon of Manโ€


  18. Hi Barry
    Funniest post I’ve read in ages!

    I’m still chuckling as I write my comment. I’d like to find something witty to say…alas.

    Maybe the newspaper journalists could use your methods…it would make a refreshing change from reading stuff that’s just made up ๐Ÿ˜‰



    Barry Williams Reply:

    Howdy Steve,

    Your comment reminded me that just a few years ago my wife and I believed everything written in newspapers.

    Okay, The Enquirer and such tabloids I cut some slack but for the most part we understood that “some force” must be regulating what is written about stuff.

    Then one day the newspaper wrote something about me that was far from a reality that only my wife and I knew to be true (and no, this wasn’t that indecent exposure thing… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). We were flabbergasted at how naive we had been for our entire lives!

    Now, I have joined you behind the powerful Wizard of Oz Keyboards Ruling The World and here we find ourselves, tap tapping out any old reality we choose…

    Thank you so much for blazing trail for us, Steve. It is very much appreciated.


    NOTE: Please visit Steve’s blog and check out his Post “A Hundred Up and A Happy Dance” where he talks turkey about real online earnings.
    It will change your mind



  19. Hi Barry, it’s vewy nice to meet you. Your writing is humorous, non-sequitars and all. Did you just eat William Burroughs’ Naked Lunch? I can’t wait to write my next article using some of your unique ideas of framing and things which resemble words. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Steve D.
    Steve Deerfield recently posted..Bookmarking URLS Favicon Style


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Dear Mr. Steve,

    Hey?! How did you know what I had for lunch?!

    I just visited your blog and noticed something odd about you. You think, you care, you act and it shows. Mister, I am going to learn a ton of stuff from you!

    Many thanks, Steve.



    Steve Deerfield Reply:

    @Barry Williams,

    Barry, there are people who make a real difference in this world and you are without a doubt, one of those people. Thanks for being Barry Williams, aka, a friend. Steve D.


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Did you hear that Steve?

    Both our DNAs clicked one evolution!

    Nice, man. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  20. Barry

    I’ve read a fair bit of your stuff in the masterclass forum and now on your blog, some of it is completely crazy, some of it makes me laugh out loud but all of it shows me that you would be one hell of a guy to share a few beers with!

    It’s a pity we are on opposite sides of the Atlantic!

    Keep doing your stuff!

    Stuart Turnbull recently posted..We need your โ€˜make money onlineโ€™ ideas!


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Stuart.

    I work hard at being crazy and its not as easy as it seems. There’s a fair bit of competition and all the real good jobs for crazy people are taken.

    One day we will meet and have those beers, my friend. And right after we slam a couple ‘o pints, could you lend me a few quid for a taxi ride around town?

    Beer turns me into a travelin’ man.

    Have a grand day, pal.


  21. Hi Barry,

    The creative juices are flowing.
    I have come across a couple of blogs on this 100 comment challenge that are talking about writers block.
    They could do well to come here, and enjoy your post.


    Pete Carr-Blogging Genius recently posted..Blogging-Why You Should BePart 1


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Yo Mr. Carr,

    I thank you for your comment and totally agree with you. If people know how to comprehend sheer craziness, they will understand my posts.

    And if only ONE person gets what I am saying, I wish they would contact me because I need an interpreter.


  22. Hey Barry
    Re-read Mandy Allen’s comment then ditto that for me. Lol
    Great post.
    Good luck with the challenge.
    Gert Chappellg recently posted..The Dream Stealer


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Howdy Gert,

    Uh, how did you know I had a challenge? My wife wasn’t supposed to be telling anybody about that. Dang it!

    Am I the only 53 year old turd in the world that has to wear adult diapers due to incontinence? I highly doubt it.

    Anyway, I appreciate you stopping by Gert – even if you revealed a very personal secret of mine… ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    Now, I’ll just wipe off this saddle and trot right on over to your blognation.

    HeeYa! Gidee-Up!



  23. Hi Barry,
    I am trying to write a valuable comment, but can’t think of one! I have no idea what you said in your post! Is it me? I can’t translate it into anything I can understand!

    Can you? :)

    Lisa recently posted..How Did I Get HERE


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Good Day Ma’am,

    When I grow up I want to be just like Nostradamus and this is the reason for most of my writing being in code.

    Then again, this might be due to the fact that I am confused most of the time and I don’t want to be alone so I am inviting everyone else to join me. Hey, I think I just figured something out about myself!

    Wow! Your confusion is actually leading me to greater understanding. Holy Moly…

    Thank you for your clarifying comment Lisa, it is much appreciated.


  24. Hi Barry,

    I really did feel a bit of a fraud when I started writing on th internet after all there were many many other people far more knowledgeable than I am about every thing, but these days what the hell after all it what I think no one needs to agree with me.



    Barry Williams Reply:

    Howdy Rob,

    Every person who dared speak their mind has been criticized and urged to conformity.

    However, evolution demands that we voice our opinion while exploring every nook and cranny of our worldview and this is what I feel blogging is. What a wonderful opportunity to learn from each other while gaining an understanding of where we fit in the entire scheme of things.

    You are one wise dude, mister and the opinions you espouse on your blog are not just valid but extremely awareness expanding.

    Thank you, friend.


  25. G’day Barry,
    That is one heck of a writing style you have…
    Love your sense of humor you remind me of my brother.
    Bryan McHeyzer@The Internet Intern recently posted..Increase Your Squeeze Page Conversion Rate!


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Hello my brother,

    Uh, Hel-lo-o Bryan, we are brothers, remember?

    Our dads are like five basket cases apart. At the most!

    I hope you vacuumed behind the couch because I’m coming over…

    Later, brother Bryan. (actually, I have a closer brother Brian… ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


  26. Hi Barry,

    I love your sense of humor and your imagination! When you are funny, you don’t even have to work hard to sound intelligent.

    Deb@Futures Trading recently posted..I Changed My Theme!


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Thank you so much, Deb.

    You are right when you say that humor better be intelligent or its not humor. Its funny criticism and slowly but surely, that impostor is poisoning us against good humor.

    For day trading, as you propose to do, I think a sense of humor is going to be mandatory. Don’t you? ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    Thanks missus.



  27. Hey Barry,

    I think you are stone mad! In a good way!

    I actually read your post 3 times to get my head around it?? I think Iโ€™m with you now and I like your style.

    Keep on writing the way you do Barry I love it!

    BTW get an RSS link to feedburner on your site so I can subscribe!
    Daniel Sumner recently posted..Self Learning โ€“ Outsourcing โ€“ Student and Teacher


  28. Hi Barry

    Is ergotamine the source of your inspiration? ; ) They found that in the stomach of the bog man. Hmm, Barry the bog man. Naah.

    Thanks for the wit.

    Alex@first 100 items recently posted..Heating


    Barry Williams Reply:


    That is good, ergotamine! I looked it up and yes, that is what I want!

    Uh, I feel a head ache coming on and man oh man, a wee touch of something similar to LSD would be right up grandpa’s alley. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    My friend, you have one hail of a good blog yourself and I really love the way you splash the ability to learn lots around.

    Thanks Alex, have grand day.


    Alex@first 100 items Reply:

    @Barry Williams,
    Thanks Barry

    I’m vewwwy vewwwy humbled. Glad you took a look : )

    Go make it a great one : )

    Alex@first 100 items recently posted..Heating


  29. Hi Barry

    I know how feel, I have plenty of nearly finished articles lying around my article folder, however I am making progress and a lot of it is a mindset thing, I never write articles, I just post them on ezinearticles. However today it all changed and now I say publish.

    Keep at it and stay focussed. I received my first subscriber from my resource box links, today!

    Do not be afraid to admit your weaknesses, one of mine is grammar, which is an unfortunate lack of skill to have as a writer!

    Thus I bought a guide, being Scottish and an Engineer, this will come in very handy.

    all the best



  30. Hi Barry

    You can add one of these to your preparations list ; )
    Alex@first 100 items recently posted..Heating


  31. Hey Barry,

    WHHOOOOSH! That has gone straight over my head. I have not got a clue what the hell you are trying to say here. Does it have something to do with growing up in the 60’s or is it that I am not Extweemly Extweemly Intelligent.

    Thanks for the post (I Think???)

    Craig recently posted..Put Your Email Marketing On Auto Pilot By Using An Auto responder


  32. That’s a great 3 step plan, Barry.

    I think to some extent, we all have bursts of truly unique genius. More frequently, our uniqueness comes in the form of personal perspective. And that’s a really valuable contribution! Like you said “no one is an expert on what I think but me!”

    With your experiences and understandings, your perspective on cars is going to be different than anyone else’s. Same goes for any topic.

    Being your wacky, authentic self is key for success in any area of life. Blogging included. (In fact, it’s one of the 7 Secrets in my free report @ Your Step #3 is another great testimonial to that fact.
    Lauren Lionheart recently posted..Top 7 Ways Cruises Are Superior to Flights


  33. Barry,

    Men in white coats are walking up your drive right now. Run! Run! Get out while you can!

    I’ve posted a link to this page on for you (makes a nice change from Twitter!)
    Martyn Boaden recently posted..What Was Your Biggest Challenge When You Started Internet Marketing


  34. Hi Barry,

    I was a little confused here at first. But I really like this quote:

    (no one is an expert on what I think but me!)

    Very true indeed!

    All the best!
    Sally recently posted..Autoresponder List Maintenance


  35. Hi Barry

    There is a fine line between crazy and genius – power to you! Never been a logical thinker so running around in craziness is I think great :)



  36. Hi Barry, i just popped back to tweet your post but you don’t have any way of doing this from here directly.

    If you install the plugin AddToAny it’ll help people promote your post.

    I’ll send it the long way on

    Catch up soon, Barry
    Barry Wells recently posted..Bloggers- Need A Little Lift


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  38. Hi Barry,

    Everyone is expert and intelligence in something. You donโ€™t have to be pretending or have a PhD to be considered as an expert in something or just to share knowledge like you did in this blog post.

    And wow Barry! Your writing style is a little bit weird BUT itโ€™s also unique and humorous and although itโ€™s hard to understand you (from the first reading) once someone understands your concept he will be devoted to you!

    I will definitely have a closer look on your future blog posts.

    Take care,
    Andreas Spyrou @ Free Affiliate Marketing Tips recently posted..The Biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistake โ€“ Mistake 6


  39. Knowledge is king and writing articles is the key to running a blog.
    Having a “family” to help makes life a lot easier ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Daniel M. Wood @ Sales Techniques, Motivation and Success recently posted..Back To Work! Back To Work! Back To Work!


  40. Hi Barry!

    Enjoyed reading your post – you have a great sense of humor. It was a refreshing read. :) I particularly liked the part about finding the most frightening or absurd part of your subject and focusing on that. ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol. Great idea for generating unique content, that’s for sure! :)
    Jess Webb recently posted..Sustainability for Digital Entrepreneurs


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  42. Barry, an intriguing post – very different yet very insightful. Some out of the box thinking that will help us all get creative. As has been discussed here its important to remember my (our) opinion is just as valid as any other and that shouldnt deter us from publishing our views. All the best, Tom
    Tom Harvey recently posted..Video Marketing โ€“ Anatomy Of A Successful Affiliate Campaign


  43. Hi Barry,

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with exageratting in your posts or what you write online. I know some marketers who use a different identity altogether, as long as it isn’t blatent lies and you are indeed helping others, I ask – whats the harm?

    I think your writing style is very amusing and very refreshing I shall look forward to returning :)

    Steve Wilkins.
    Steven Wilkins recently posted..I havenโ€™t done anything today!


  44. Hi Barry,
    Great post that comes from the man himself. I do not know you and you do not know me. That creates equality. Isn’t that a start?
    I am here from the 100 comment challenge at Join Pierrette & I and tell me what you think?
    I write what comes out not what went in. My thoughts are not programed but my program is my own.
    Continue to be you, please don’t change? That was the old conservative way.
    Thee Quest For Perfect health


  45. Barry,

    I must say, your way of avoiding writer’s block by just writing down “stuff” is the same way I do it, but I don’t put it so eloquently.

    The writers on some other blogs I’ve read in the 100 Blog Comment Challenge need to check out your methods.

    Thanks for a wake me up,

    Kat@eBayLearning recently posted..10 Tips to Buying Cars on eBay Motors


  46. Hi Barry,

    You really are unique, I had to read the post three times just in case I had misread something.
    In ‘Creating The Article’ I really understood where you were coming from,as that is the way I have written articles,and blog posts.

    As always, a great read!




  47. Hi Barry,

    After a long day at the office, I think it’s time for a beer! I have to commend you for this post, as I really needed a good laugh…especially when I read Martyn Boaden’s comment.

    Keep up the great work!



  48. Hi Barry,

    What a friggin funny post! ๐Ÿ˜†

    I just sat there giggling all the way through it and had absolutely no idea what you were talking about!

    Remember: Me Bimbo!! There is a lot of space up there between my eyes where I am meant to get my ideas from! ๐Ÿ˜† I am very easily confused! Some say I have mummy brain, I say ‘huh?’ ๐Ÿ˜›

    Hope everything is going well with the challenge, keep the comments up!


    Jacinta ๐Ÿ˜€
    Jacinta Dean recently posted..The 100 Blog Comment Challenge Update!


  49. Hi Barry,

    What can I add that hasn’t already been said, you are great value my friend. I love your writing style even if it appears a little zany at times.

    You most definitely write from the heart which is inspiring and you are indeed an expert in what you think Barry. Great to meet you on the challenge and rest assured I will be back soon for more.


    Brian Alcock recently posted..So You Failedโ€ฆSo What!!


  50. Hi Barry
    That was extremely interesting after I ran it through Bens translator a few times.
    All the best with the challenge
    Good luck


  51. Hi Barry,
    Nice post. Creative way of expressing your thoughts. I enjoyed it

    Much Success,

    Lorina Noble
    Miss Mindset Makeover
    Millionaire Mindset
    Lorina Noble recently posted..Mobile Marketing is Huge! 18 year old Changes the Game!


  52. Hi Barry

    Love the post & site too.

    A great post for those who are starting out or are just starting at blogging.

    Made me laugh from start to finish but great info all the same.

    Stay healthy

    Alex Fyfe recently posted..Exercise And Harm


  53. Brilliant post Barry!

    I had a ball reading through it and I’m sure the revisions really got to you because when you’re that passionate about writing content, it shows. Thank you so much for the share! I’ve liken the strategy you use to crank out your content as taking them from ma and pa online is absolutely devotion. To include the siblings and well you forgot the social cousins who can become gossipy with their tweets, likes and whatnot. Overall, I’m extweemly impressed! :)

    Thu Nguyen recently posted..How to Keep Up With Production in the Industrial Age of Article Marketing


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Thanks Thu,

    I’m glad you enjoyed it and got it. You are right about the social cousins and I really must look into that more.

    Have a grand day missus.


  54. Barry:

    I gotta tell you that when I first started reading your post I had to read the beginning a couple of times. Then I got it and just laughed my way through. You have a very interesting writing style.

    It looks like you started this blog this past February. I also started my blog thispast February. I also sometimes re-write a post several times to get it just right nut other times I just let it flow and let it go.

    I’ll keep checking back in and see how your doing.

    Good luck to you!

    – Rick
    Rick Byrd recently posted..Business Ethics โ€“ Is There Such a Thing


    Barry Williams Reply:


    You seem too smart to be hanging around my blog. What if some of your smartness rubs off on me and screws up my whole jumbalaya? Before long I would be making sense and perhaps even start looking more intelligent, like you.

    Even though its a scary thought, I will carefully check out your blog from a distance because lord knows I could use some comeuppance.

    Thanks for your comment Rick, I’m off to learn from you now.


  55. Hi Barry,

    WOW I definately need a drink now, I’m soooo confused what have you done to me?

    My brain feels like scrambled eggs but the wierdest thing of all is I think I actually get it AAAHHHHH !

    Enjoy the challenge – I’m off for a lie down



    Barry Williams Reply:

    Hold it right there, missus!

    You are not drinking alone on my blog, that would be too rude of me. And that’s precisely why I keep a pitcher of long island ice tea beside my keyboard at all times.

    Its like two pitchers of the good stuff and then rest. Two more pitchers and more rest. Pretty soon a person can get to the point where no more rest is required and more time is available for imbibing.

    A hobby is a good thing to have and I am glad we see eye to forehead on this matter.

    Thanks missus.


  56. Hi Barry, If you remember when you first joined the MC and started posting, one of my first questions to you was to ask which planet you came from as I wanted to visit!. The humour you inject into your blog and other posts is like a breath of fresh air and is really needed.
    I sometimes have to read them a couple of times to get your grasp but at the end of the day it all makes total sense (sort of-lol)
    Keep up this great style mate
    (Ambassador to the high command-Planet Zog):-)
    Keith Alston recently posted..Holiday Time Again!


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Hello Monsignor Alston,

    Buddy, when I grow up I want to be just like you and have my own planet.

    That way I wouldn’t have to be so spaced out here…

    Thanks Keith.


  57. Very interesting post.
    Amy Steelman-Prueter recently posted..Are you up for the Challenge


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Hey Amy,

    Thanks for the comment even if you exaggerated the interesting part…


  58. Hi Barry


    PS. In 96 hrs I updated this post 12 times as my mind changed about how to try and tell you the story properly.

    Ha ha ha ha made me laugh so much, you sound like me, I get to point where I dont care and just hit publish!

    I am with Jacinta, kinda over my head too, but made me laugh so thats a good thing.

    Do like your writing style though its very engaging, Sally :)
    Sally recently posted..Writing Testimonials Benefit You Too


  59. Twemendous! Twemendous!!! LOL

    These are some wonderful ideas for overcoming writers block, Barry. I’ll be referring to your post in the future when I get a little stumped!!

    via 100 Comment Challenge
    Gwen Tanner recently posted..10 Free Tools for Your Product Creation Toolkit


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Highdee-Ho Gwen,

    Ah, Twemendous. You get it!

    Thanks for stopping by and now I must scurry over to your site to see what I can swipe.

    Later, ma’am.


  60. Heck, I’m confused! How am I supposed to add a valuable comment when I didn’t understand a word, lol.

    But one thing you’ve definitely got going for you is individuality and that’s something a good few IMers could definitely use a bit more of.

    Keep on keeping on :-)

    Warm Regards
    LynnN@Online Auction Ideas recently posted..Selling Used Textbooks on eBay and Amazon


    Barry Williams Reply:


    I thought I was the only one who didn’t understand my writing and was beginning to feel hurlyburly.

    Now that there is at least several folks who are in the same boat as me I’m wondering if anyone has anything to eat because I’m hungry, too.

    Thanks for the comment Lynn, I’m off to be a shill on your blog.


  61. Hi, Barry,
    Humor is a great element of your personality to shine through
    in a post. I applaud you for sharing.
    Good to meet you,
    Fran T
    Fran T recently posted..Nopalea and My Knee


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Howdy Fran,

    Uh, thanks Fran but that’s not humor, its just the way I go around not thinking…

    Of course, if that turns out to be humor then perhaps my doctor will allow me out of this straight jacket so I could go into town.

    THAT would be funny!

    Thanks for the comment Fran, I’m off to see what I can swipe from your blog.



  62. Hi Barry
    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT are you on my man!
    Like it, the post that is and not whatever it is you’ve ruined your brain with :)
    Humour (UK speliing) is really important!
    Best wishes
    Mike Calmot recently posted..Blog Comments Challenge- Using the โ€œPower of Sixโ€โ€ฆto drive traffic!


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Hey Sir,

    I am trying real hard to be normal and as it turns out, abnormal is normal for me.

    The place where my brain should be is not in fact ruined but ready for any cells which might resemble gray matter. So far, none have showed up but when they do…

    Thanks for the comment Mike, have a grand day.



  63. Hi Barry
    I like your style,really enjoyed your post, and the comments and your answers to them.
    Don’t try too hard to be normal :)

    Whatever you are on can you get me some too:)
    All the best


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Hoy Vince,

    Sir, I resemble those remarks and much appreciate your noticing them.

    Your admonition to remain far from average is hitting me right in the earways and I am not allowed by my malehood to tell you how grateful I am for the noises you are making.

    As for becoming a meme dealer, I believe my plan to humbly infect you with my insanity has already begun to take effect. After all, you just gave me not some of the best but ALL of it. Very unselfish and thoughtfull of you, pal.

    Now, I’m coming over to your place to leave an echo. Have a grand day Vince.


  64. Barry !! What are you doing !!

    You could be the next Terry Pratchett (sorry … Sir Tez) or Spkie Milligan.

    I am surprised that you sell yourself so short. The ability to write rubbish that attracts readers like horse manure attracts flies is no mean skill. Most of us never find out it’s rubbiush because no one reads it.

    Thanks mate, great post

    Author of ‘Sticky Memory’


    Barry Reply:

    Thank you John.

    I am humbled by your comparison of me with folks who actually know what they are doing…

    Much appreciated mister.
    Barry recently posted..Want A Clean Mind Change It More Often Than Your Underwear


  65. Hi Barry

    I love your wittyness and humour. It was nice to meet you and good luck with the challenge.


    Dawn Kay
    Dawn Kay recently posted..Free Internet Marketing Blueprints and Checklist Guides


  66. Hi Barry,

    Very funny and at the same time useful post.

    Your Mommy and Daddy are powerful allies and you are taking great advantage of them.

    Vance Sova recently posted..John Chowโ€™s Last Dot Com Pho In Vancouver- Live Event Networking


  67. Hi Barry,
    Gee I started reading your post from the top and then I thought maybe I should start at the bottom, but after getting through it all it finely made sense in the middle. I think. LoL
    Enjoy the Challenge.
    Mike Fleming recently posted..100 Blog Comments Challenge


  68. Well done Barry…. where do we sign? I love the tongue-placed-firmly-in-cheek approach; you are no lightweight my friend. Keep it going and the fans will grow. I like your un-secret secret. Stopped by on my 11th hour visit for the 100 comment challenge.
    ElizOF recently posted..Yoga Love- Learn to Add Balance to Your Lifeโ€ฆ


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Thank you Elizabeth.

    You have a wonderful manner of expressing yourself and I love the concepts you discuss on your blog. It was a pleasure to learn about you and myself at the same time.


    Barry Williams Reply:

    I have been called a lot of things but never no lightweight.

    And you know what? I like it. I like being called no lightweight because its the opposite to being called a lightweight due to being riddled with cancer like my father.

    Yep. That is a good name I will wear with pride.

    Thank you Elizabeth for your comment and for assembling such a wonderful, life enhancing blog yourself.


  69. Hi, Barry

    Confused??? Me??? Yep!!

    Then I realised you were giving us tips on writing – unblocking writers block and I laughed! No chance of a block here – just rolling off the mill!

    Updated it how many times???!!! Bet your server was red-hot

    Keep writing
    Jennifer@Online Business Making Money at Home recently posted..Internet Marketing Promotions โ€“ Step by Step Guide to Contributing


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Thanks muchly Jennifer.

    I could learn a think or two from you about setting up a good blog – yours looks terrific and you certainly provide a ton of great info. I appreciate you stopping by.


  70. Brilliant! I once took a course on being creative. They gave us exercises that deliberately made us find connections between things that didn’t match. It’s fascinating what happens when you challenge your brain to come up with something unexpected. Pure joy!
    Cheryl from thatgirlisfunny recently posted..Meeting Twitter Friends in the Real World at UFC 118 in Boston


  71. Hello Barry,

    I had left a comment on your blog before, but some kind of technical difficulty has derailed all I wrote. You brought humor to me and many other people. Anyway, I like your style and you are doing great!

    Keep up the great job you are doing and everything else will fall into place!

    All the best to you!



  72. Hello Barry,

    Very entertaining post, enjoyed it a lot and good tips for anyone struggling to write. Also your post was so different it was a must read so very effective, will re-visit for some more gems later.
    Good luck




  73. Well uh, Alan. You’ve one upped me in the craziness category and it feels sorta weird.

    I think everything would have been okay but the mice, dolphin and fries pie kinda put everything over the edge for me. Heck, I’m uncomfortable even thinking about said sandwich and I have a sneaking suspicion that like some evil Walt Disney movie sound crack, this idea has already coated the interior of my cranium. Perplexed, I am…

    I did visit your blog and you actually write fairly sane over there. I didn’t click on any ads though because I’m still not one hundred percent certain what just happened.

    Plus, I feel a little woozy. You crazy guy you.


  74. […] 12, Barry Williams: … telligent/ […]

  75. Hello, Barry!
    I can advice you to use thesaurus to create powerfull articles. This is ma secret! ))

    and by the way:
    White mice and dolphins โ€“ delicious with chips (UK) fries (US)
    This is hell yeeeah!


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Howdy Jim – thanks for that.

    I wasn’t going to let the thesaurus cat out of the bag just yet on account of I don’t want folks to think I’m illegitimate. Or is that illiterate? I’ll have to look that one up…


  76. Very interesting site, I wish you will blog more ๐Ÿ˜›


  77. Holy fuck, a lot of comments on this stupid story!

    I still make up my shite the same way though…

    Care less and type more I say.
    Barry from Saskatchewan recently posted..Tell HeadQuarters The Emperor Has Bad Breath &amp Likely Diarrhea Too


  78. Jim, why won’t you try also this synonyms dictionary. This is not a big secret, but maybe will be helpful for you too!

    Barry, maybe it’s something wrong with you and not with the story?


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Holy! Maybe something wrong with me?!

    Pretty brazen of you to propose such a wacky concept especially since it’s spot on.


  79. Its fantastic as your other posts : D, thanks for putting up.


  80. I publish my rough ideas and then edit them in real time for anyone to see how friggin stupid my ideas start out.

    Some of them are so looney I can’t force them to make even the limited sense that I try to achieve with all the other stories.


  81. I even have to edit some of these comments I’m making so there goes a guy with plenty ‘o writing talent.

    Nope, not just everyone can do this. You need vacancy.


  82. Whaaa? I’m just waking up now?!

    Who was writing for me before this?!


  83. If you are really interested how you,too can write stupid shite like I do, just contact me and I’ll give you my updated version.


  84. On how to do stuff.


  85. If I’m so schmartd, how come I ain’t reech?


  86. Spot on writing, I really should look at this site a lot. Again, I’ll probably read more, thanks for the info.


    Barry Williams Reply:

    No, thank you for visiting.


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