My Young Pal Jimmy And The Fists That Would Not Fly

Most folks acquire cohorts within a certain age range.

Me, I find people to be friendly and wise at

any age and just the other day my pal

Jimmy walked away from a fight

he knew he could easily win

and in doing so not only

won that scrap but

gained a ton of respect from people & places he don’t even know.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Jimmy R you are one cool dude!

6 Responses to “My Young Pal Jimmy And The Fists That Would Not Fly”

  1. Jimmy’s 16.


  2. Kill everybody in the city but my old friend Barry.


  3. Drag him to the entrance and call me.


  4. James. Its me.


  5. Fucker! How are you?

    Kinda beat up now Jimmy.

    Holy? They hurt you?

    Yeah. They hurt everybody.

    Jimmy: Everybody?

    Me: Yeah. They hurt everybody…


  6. Shit gets applied to us all J.

    None escape. Everybody gets their share.


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