Never Agree To Watch Any Dawg What’s Had The Taste Of Good Furniture

Most people expect to babysit at some time of their life.

They themselves required “sitting” so they don’t mind reciprocating

by ignoring someone’s offspring to the same degree that they

themselves got away with stuff under the “watchful

eye” of some part time parent representative.

Nevertheless, the same does not hold

true with mammals of he canine

persuasion because as soon

as a person turns their

back for a couple of

daze these beggars

can invent an unimaginable world stinky to step into.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


2 Responses to “Never Agree To Watch Any Dawg What’s Had The Taste Of Good Furniture”

  1. I have only been owned by pets a couple of times in my life.

    I also had pets I was equals with. They didn’t make me carry their shit or give them food. they ate what we ate and scraps, etc we got from the butcher.

    They shat in the woods I guess because we never saw it.

    Carrying out dogshit? No, that never crossed anyone’s mind.


  2. Aliens! People say.

    Look into outer space…

    We are surrounded by aliens and they have taken over the planet.

    One free pet food store at a time.

    Fuck I want to be a pet.


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