Not Willing To Go Sideways? Okay, But You Do See What’s Straight Ahead Rat?

Many people were not blessed enough to experience long play vinyl albums.

These unfortunates will never know how easy it is for

a record to skip and how the head picks right up

from where it lands. They will also not be

familiar with the skipping action that

occurs when a stylus gets stuck

in the same groove same groove same groove.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

9 Responses to “Not Willing To Go Sideways? Okay, But You Do See What’s Straight Ahead Rat?”

  1. yeah, old buck the fakir.

    But who ain’t?


  2. who?


  3. Me? Uh… Hey, get your hands off me…

    Hey! Your’re breaking my goddam arms asshole…!

    Holy fuck! Calm down. This is Canada! This is Canada!


  4. This is Canada.


  5. Collecting Ma’am.

    It’s collection week.

    Oh…certainly, come in young man.


  6. I got change ma’am.

    No, you keep it son.

    You’re not the one who kicked my dog are you?


  7. Yes ma’am I am but I want to say that it was more kicked AT your dog than actually kicked it.

    I was used to a dog being tied to that line.


  8. plus you know how tied up dogs are waiting for anything to play with but me, I’ve got a job to do.

    Paper delivery is why I’m even in the area.


  9. She gives me the money anyway saying “I don’t think you’d kick my dog” and I assure her that I wouldn’t.

    Unless, that is, the sonofabitch
    was a mean bastard like her puppy/duppy which I would boot fuck at my earliest pleasure.

    Fucking dogs. Why these hierarchies of LIFE?!


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