Nothing To Complain About


Jesus, Dude had it hard!

Man, he was hooked on pain.

He was!

He needed that pain as a constant reminder that,

Jesus he had it hard!


Pain was always right there,

Asking for a ride.

It could slink alone, quite well it seemed.

But the bugger lived better inside.

And for that it needed a ride.

In someone smart.

Someone skilled at hiding.

‘Cause pain thrives on riders good at hiding.

Deep inside. Keep it warm, keep on hiding…

Oh, how pain thrives on those who hide it!


So, yeah. Dude had it.

Had it so hard.

So hard no one could ever know.

He kept his arse up and big head down,

About his business was where he’d go.

And the pain, it lived within him.

Always threatening to leap into anyone he loved.

So he hid that beggar deep, deep inside.

Where hand in hand, he and pain could thrive.

Which, that right there could drive a mild man wild.

Into the welcoming arms of his pain inside.


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Jesus, the number of people who have died with great pain still in them…

Wow. Sad.

Let yer pain out.

I am.

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