Noti Me

I’m going into space now.

I’m going into space.

First the air won’t fly anymore.

Then flying isn’t flying.

Then I can’t recall if the stars came out.

And neither can the other guys.

We were lost, no up or down.

No protective layer of lies.

The homesickness! Homesickness!

Homesickness struck and we had yet to leave the earth!

Sope… we couldn’t chance it.

Santa and chimney, silly suited elves

They couldn’t chance it may not work.

Like touch the face of God and maybe hurt her.

Nope. They couldn’t chance it.

Like Doh See Doh they had ’em dancing.

Everything and how enhanced it was!

Nothing was real but how did it feel?

Like it was real. It was real! It was real!

And yes sir, it is…

Now here, sip a fizzy.

It is sir, it is real!

You can feel it…

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  1. No time is where we came from. Ats where we’re headed to.
    Barry Williams recently posted..Noti Me

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