Okay, Who Am I Talking To Now? Kay Now? Okay, Who Am I Talking To Now?

Many folks know about personalities.

They understand that like gears they

switch back and forth dependent

on road conditions and wheel

person with some drivers better than others.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


Professor Willhelm clarifies Multiple Personality Order

You see, a person can’t be both terrified and courageous. This is what us wordy types call a conundrum.

The answer however, is simpo.

One personality is terrified and another pops in who is not. That personality is courageous.

And, better brave don’t like talking about courage so…

Next day Terrified Tim tries to recall his act of heroics and uh, its all faded and iffy.

This wha? moment occurs on account of Tim’s daily personality driver being one of them timid models and the personality in Tim’s clothing who acted brave wasn’t our old friend Timmy.

Timmy’s a chickenshit.

That personality was Tank. One of Tim’s twin bros. (he got dozens of ’em)

Tank’s memory banks are three quarters clockwise of a dimension away from Tim’s casual thought pool hence that crackling noise on the line at recall. It’s fuzzy on account of them lines are crossed.

Just like they oughta be…

Tanks Terrifying Tank and Timid Tim and you fer listenin in!


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